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Why Is There So Much War and So Few Women in the Book of Mormon?


Here are a few lessons one author learned while struggling with the questions why is there so much war and yet there are so few women in the Book of Mormon? The remarkable insights she gained taught her that she might have been wrong about these assumptions all along.

The following are insights from the McArthur Krishna, author of  Girls Who Choose God.

I admit when Bethany and I set out to do Girls Who Choose God: Stories of Strong Women from the Book of Mormon, we had mixed feelings.

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On one hand, the Book of Mormon IS the keystone of our religion and so should be a highlight in our series.  On the flip-side, it often seemed a book full of war, fleeing to the wilderness, and a discouraging lack of women participants.

Now, after having spent a year prayerfully reading, wrangling, and writing our text, I can tell you we feel differently.  And, here’s the thing— this year we are going to officially study the Book of Mormon all year. Just considering the time investment we are all making, I thought I might share some of the realizations Bethany and I had along the way.

Let’s tackle the war angle first.  As there is plenty of war in this world, I found I often did not want to read about yet more conflict. . . .

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