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Why Staging Your Perfect Wedding Might Be a Bad Idea

I suppose it didn’t start with Pinterest, but the website has been part of the reason the “perfect wedding” has become both more desired and more dangerous for the average bride. Idea after idea is presented there, and those amazing ideas proliferate until brides have a wedding wish list that extends into eternity.

Actually, that’s where LDS brides begin, at the stretching into eternity part. Mormon brides make wedding plans according to the customs of the cultures where they live, as long as those customs fit the moral standards of the Church. But the center of all Mormon weddings is the temple and an eternal marriage covenant. The focus is spiritual.

A celestial marriage for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has only one requirement — that the bride and groom, having proved themselves worthy of entering a Mormon temple, meet there at a pre-arranged time and date to be “sealed” in a lovely but short ceremony proclaiming their eternal commitment. A sealing takes place in a “sealing room” of the temple, where a small group of worthy friends and family can watch as bride and groom make their vows. That’s it. All the rest is fluff, so to speak.

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