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Why the Church Is Making Radical Changes to Sunday School, Teaching Curriculum


In May, the Churchannounced a new teacher manual,Teaching in the Savior's Way,as well as the creation of teacher councils.

Just recently, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland invited teachers to join him for an online discussion about these new changes. So why are they so important?

Pay attention now, class. A major transformation is underway within the LDS Church, reshaping all teaching and learning from Sunday School courses to the priesthood.

The shake up is radical, but members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are only beginning to grasp the breadth and depth of a fresh emphasis on the learning process through the introduction of new methods, teaching manuals and curriculum.

"We have had a revolution in teaching in the church. Most of you have not caught onto it yet, but the Brethren are modeling it," LDS employee Ronald Schwendiman told an Education Week audience at Brigham Young University last year. . . .

Why alter all teaching in the church?

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