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Why We Call It "The Restoration": Prepare for Conference With "Don't Miss This"


How have you done with your general conference prep? Maybe you feel your desires to study the Restoration per President Nelson’s invitation have exceeded your ability, or maybe you have been successful in your study but want a little refresher? In a new video published on Monday, David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman remind viewers that preparing for conference in a way that makes it extra special can still be done in a few easy steps:

  • Read the First Vision. (They discovered as they prepped for next year’s Doctrine and Covenants curriculum that Joseph Smith–History was originally called “The History of Joseph Smith: An Account of His Marvelous Experience.”)
  •  Select questions to ponder.
  • Design your plan.
  • •"Immerse yourself in the glorious light of the Restoration," as President Nelson said. 

Freeman also shared her newfound love for the root word of the word “restoration," which is “restore.” She points out that we often focus on “restoration” as a word unique to the Church but that it is common for many people inside or outside of the Church to restore things: a house, a car or a bike. However, Freeman points out that the process of restoration is typically not something you would want to happen in your living room.

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Come Follow Me The Restoration - General Conference (Mar. 30-Apr. 5)

“Restoration is messy, and sometimes we forget about that,” she says. “We think to ourselves, ‘The Church was restored,’ and we think it’s done and it’s all cleaned up and someone put the garage back together since that project. And we don’t realize we actually belong to a living church, which means we’re actually still in the process of restoration, and sometimes it is messy.”

Watch the video to hear all of Freeman and Butler’s thoughts about restoration here.

You've read the Book of Mormon before, but Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler, hosts of the popular YouTube scripture-study channel "Don't Miss This," have created a new approach that will change the way you read your scriptures.

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