10 Things Mormon Women Can't Get Enough of

1. Chocolate

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We may tell ourselves we love chocolate for its antioxidants, but most of us have an emergency stash of chocolate hidden somewhere for a rough day. 

2. Pinterest

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We already have a million pins that would make perfect gifts or projects, but we're always looking for more. 

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3. Missionary Blogs

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Whether you're a mom or a sister of a missionary, chances are you have a Wordpress account—that you check regularly.  

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4. Costco

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Costco—where our plans for food storage become a reality while we snack on a churro. 

5. Maxi Skirts

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Who doesn't love a skirt that's so comfortable you can easily forget you're all dressed up?

6. Facebook

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When we want to stay connected with missionary companions or family members who live far away, Facebook has our backs. It's also a great place to share our Pinterest successes.

7. Lemon-Flavored Deserts

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When life gives us lemons, we usually make a lemon-bar-cookie type thing for our visiting teaching sisters or the next ward party. 

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8. Hilary Weeks

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Whenever we need a little inspiration in our day, we turn on our Hilary Weeks CD or Pandora station. 

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9. Diet Coke

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Somewhere between work, raising a family, church callings, or late-nighters, diet Coke, or it's caffeine-free counterpart, often comes in to save the day. 

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10. Elder Holland Quotes

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Who can't help but chuckle at the phrase, "great and spacious makeup kit" or feel the Spirit as he shares his powerful testimony?

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