7 Books to Read Before You Go to the Temple for the First Time

You’re going to the temple! How exciting! The day you’ve been preparing for is nearing, and chances are you’re feeling intimidated, confused, or overwhelmed. You certainly won’t be able to understand everything before going to the temple for the first time (or even after you’ve been going for several years), but being prepared can help calm your nerves and help you understand the covenants you’ll be making. Here are just a few of our favorite books that will help you learn to love serving in the temple.

The Holy Invitation: Understanding Your Sacred Temple Endowment

by Anthony Sweat

LDS books to help you understand the temple

You may feel a little intimidated when you're preparing to enter the temple for the first time. Fortunately, this book can help. It offers answers about the endowment by providing a frame for you to understand the purposes and procedures of its ordinances.

Explore the temple endowment from three different vantage points: the why, the what, and the how, so that when you go to the temple—whether for the first time or the hundredth—you can more fully absorb the learning and truth the Lord has in store for you.

The Lord has extended to each one of us a holy invitation: an invitation to enter His house, to learn of Him and His ways, and to prepare to return to His presence and receive a fullness of His exalting blessings. Learn how you can accept the invitation the Lord has extended to you personally and find profound meaning in the sacred temple endowment.

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Preparing for Your Endowment

by Cory Jensen

LDS books to help you understand the temple

Receiving your endowment, making those covenants with God in His house, is a sacred experience. Careful preparation will help you understand the promises, ordinances, and blessings involved. Using entertaining stories and insightful teachings from the scriptures, this book helps teens and young adults replace their fears and questions about the temple with the faith and confidence they need to make and keep eternal covenants and to experience all the blessings of temple worship.

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Prepare Now for the Temple: An Essential Guide for Young Adult Sisters

by Brittany Mangus

LDS books to help you understand the temple

Before you accept a diamond ring or a mission call, or any other reason you have for going, be sure you are prepared to worship in the temple! Do you have any of the following questions:

• How do I actually prepare for the temple?
• Do I really need to prepare myself to attend the temple? I am worthy of a temple recommend. Can't I just go?
• What is the endowment? What is its purpose?
• What is temple etiquette?
• Why are the ceremonies symbolic? How will I know what they mean?
• How can I learn more about the temple?

This book is specifically tailored to the needs of young adult women. An introduction to the world of temple worship, it instructs them how to prepare to receive the endowment and why preparation is important.

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Your Endowment: Gain Greater Joy and Satisfaction in Your Temple Service

by Mark A. Shields

LDS books to help you understand the temple

In this remarkable volume, Mark Shields, an experienced gospel teacher, casts new light on the symbolism inherent in temple ordinances and provides a wealth of insights that will change the way you worship.

By approaching the subject from a scriptural and historical perspective, Mark focuses on specific aspects of the endowment while still respecting the sacredness of the ordinance. With helpful summaries at the end of each chapter, this book provides direction and guidance for all, whether you've been attending the temple for years or are preparing to enter for the very first time.

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House of Glory: Finding Personal Meaning in the Temple

by S. Michael Wilcox

LDS books to help you understand the temple

In this book full of insight and depth, S. Michael Wilcox identifies the blessing that temple work brings to our everyday lives. He discusses the temple as a house of learning where we can understand the most powerful principles of the gospel and receive inspiration for our families and ourselves. This book teaches how the temple is a house of refuge where we can escape the trials and troubles of the world. 

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Temple Worship: 20 Truths That Will Bless Your Life

by Andrew C. Skinner

LDS books to help you understand the temple

In this inspiring, practical book, Andrew Skinner shows how the temple represents the "ultimate" in our worship, how temple ordinances are tied to the Atonement, how temple blessings apply to all—especially to those who walk life's road alone—and how the temple prepares us for exaltation. He bears witness that the sealing ordinances are a source of great comfort and security, that temples are places of personal revelation, and that unseen beings attend us there. This book will permanently change your feelings about the temple.

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House of Learning: Getting More from Your Temple Experience

by M. Richard Walker, Kathleen H. Walker

LDS books to help you understand the temple

Have you ever felt that there might be something more waiting for you in the temple? Many people who say they love the temple and feel good when they attend still express a desire to bring greater focus to their temple worship. This insightful book from a former temple president and matron is designed to help.

Engagingly written, with many personal experiences and practical applications, House of Learning outlines ways we can prepare to be receptive to the spiritual teachings of the temple and make the temple our house of learning.

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