10 Gospel Gems from the Notebook of J. Golden Kimball

Like many missionaries and public speakers, J. Golden Kimball kept a notebook of materials to use in talks – lists of scriptures on various topics, quotations from wise people, short stories with a gospel theme. Here is some of what I found in his notebook:

[. . .]

Remember to smile and to practice what you preach. It is better to live up to and preach a few things than to cram your mind with great volumes of goodness and make none of them work. Why not pick out a few good things and try them out?


Ignatius, the grand old Bishop of Antioch, on his way to suffer martyrdom in Rome, sent this ringing message to his younger colleague, Polycarp, the Bishop of Smyrna:

“Be diligent. Be sober, stand like a beaten anvil.”

As Bruce Barton said: “It is the men who stand like a beaten anvil, who have done the big things. But men can’t stand like beaten anvils if they’re made of French pastry, or are wrapped up always in the softness of prosperity.”

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