10 Times President Uchtdorf Summed Up Life Perfectly

8. "Sometimes in life we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey. I don’t go cycling with my wife because I’m excited about finishing. I go because the experience of being with her is sweet and enjoyable.

"Doesn’t it seem foolish to spoil sweet and joyful experiences because we are constantly anticipating the moment when they will end?" [Of Regrets and Resolutions, October 2012].

Mormons are great at feeling overwhelmed or focusing on finishing, but President Uchtdorf reminds us that sometimes we just need to slow down and find the joy Heavenly Father intended for us to have in this life.

9. "Brothers and sisters, there is enough heartache and sorrow in this life without our adding to it through our own stubbornness, bitterness, and resentment" [The Merciful Obtain Mercy, April 2012].

Many times in life we find ourselves trapped in patterns of gossiping, holding grudges, or giving into our pride. But they are traps that we should quickly seek to escape from with uplifting and forgiving thoughts.

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10. "Love should be our walk and our talk" [The Love of God, October 2009].

Truly if we remember this counsel, we will all find life to be a lot more enjoyable and our relationship with God and those around us a lot stronger.

Lead image from President Uchtdorf's Facebook page.
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