10 Traditions to Help Your Kids Love General Conference

by | Oct. 02, 2015

Mormon Life

MR says: Conference is a great time for families to come together, create traditions, and grow closer even as they grow closer to their Heavenly Father by listening to his chosen prophets.

The semiannual general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the perfect time for faith, family — and food. Here are 10 traditions to help children and youth stay engaged as they hear talks from church leadership.

Pitch a “tent” toward the temple.

In the Book of Mormon in Mosiah, Chapter 2, people pitch their tents around the temple to hear King Benjamin speak the words of God. Prior to conference, you can read his address and make a family activity to go along with it. For example, Utah blogger Tiffany Erickson of Raising Lemons describes how her family reads the address and then sleeps in a tent before general conference. Martin Jenston of Connecticut told LDS Living that his kids would each decorate their own “tent” cardboard box, then align the cutout doors toward the TV to face the speaker.

Make key-word candy jars.

Fill mason jars or bowls with different kinds of candy, and then write a key word on each bowl. (Ideas could be words such as temple, tithing, pray, scriptures and service.) As children listen, they can take a piece of candy each time they hear a speaker say one of the key words.

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