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10 Free Apps to Help With Your LDS New Year's Resolutions


The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to evaluate where our testimony of the gospel is and how to improve spiritually throughout the year.

This may include reading the scriptures more, attending the temple more often, completing home or visit teaching assignments, doing more family history work, or gaining strength and inspiration from the words of the prophets.

But keeping track of these goals or remembering to follow through with them can be difficult, even overwhelming.

We found 10 LDS apps on the Google Play store that can make keeping these goals easier and help break them down into manageable steps.

Scriptures Study Apps:

1. LDS Scripture Tracker

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Want to read one or more of the standard works this year? LDS Scripture Tracker is a great app to get you started and keep you motivated throughout the year. To start, type the goal you have, when you want to accomplish the goal, and which of the standard works you want to read. LDS Scripture Tracker will then show how many chapters you have to read each day to accomplish your goal and indicates your progress. It also has a handy seminary reading tool to help track progress for assigned reading. As an extra help, you can set specific times for the app to remind you when to read your scriptures for the day.

2. LDS Ponderizer

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Since Devin G. Durrant, the First Counselor in the Sunday School General Presidency, asked members to "ponderize" a new scripture each week in the Oct. 2015 general conference, many have made an effort to do so. And with the help LDS Ponderizer, memorizing new scriptures each week just got easier. With LDS Ponderizer, you can add scriptures from the Gospel Library app, practice memorization, and export the scripture along with any notes you make to another app like the Gospel Library app.

Temple Attendance App:

3. LDS Temples

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As Latter-day Saints, we have been advised to visit the temple as often as our circumstances allow. With the app LDS Temples, members can locate temples near them, track their temple attendance, and record the ordinances performed. And if you want to know a little more history about a certain temple, the app includes a history of each temple along with dedicatory prayers.

Family History Apps:

4. FamilySearch Tree

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Want an easy way to do family history while on the go? The FamilySearch app is a great way to find out what temple work needs to be done on your family tree, search historical documents, and add photos, stories, or audio to your relatives. FamilySearch Tree also syncs to so you know right where to start with your family history work.

5. Ancestry

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If you prefer to use to find records of your ancestors or use the website frequently, the Ancestry app is a great tool to use for family history work. The Ancestry app allows users to upload pictures and facts to your family tree and also allows users to add family members from Facebook to their family tree. 

Service Apps:

6. VT

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Visit teaching is a great way to show Christlike love for your Relief Society sisters, but it's not always easy to set up appointments or create lessons. But with VT, all the information you need for a visit teaching lesson is just one click away. If you need to pull up this month's or past visit teaching message, email a report, or look up a sister's address, this app is the place to go. 

7. HT

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Home teaching is likewise a very important way members can help and uplift each other. Operating in much the same way as the VT app, the HT app helps home teachers store contact information, addresses, email reports, and pull up current or past First Presidency messages.

8. JustServe

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When it comes to incorporating service into our lives, the hardest part can be finding where to start. Incorporating the main features of, the app helps users to easily locate places to serve near them and chose which organizations or events to volunteer for in the future. 

Apps for Studying the Words of the Prophets:

9. Deseret Bookshelf

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If your goal this year is to study the words of the prophets and incorporate your favorite general conference quotes into your life, you should definitely download the Deseret Bookshelf app. Find general conference talks to listen to on the go or download a free version of Lectures on Faith by the Prophet Joseph Smith. And along with these great resources, make sure to check out DB's vault of beloved quotes from LDS prophets.

10. Prophetic Passages

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The award-winning app Prophetic Passages is a great way to discover new quotes or quickly find your favorite quotes from LDS prophets. But if you just want a little daily inspiration, the app also includes the Inspire Me! feature for uplifting quotes on the go.

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