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10 charming stories from ‘Don’t Miss This’ host David Butler to turn any bad day around

If you have kids going back to school soon, a few of these stories are for you.

David Butler is a best-selling author and cohost of the popular Come, Follow Me YouTube channel “Don’t Miss This.” He is beloved for his relatable sense of humor and knack for telling sweet stories that melt the heart. Whether he’s sharing an experience he had with one of his six children or telling a familiar scripture story in a new and relatable way, Butler has a gift for storytelling.

He often posts brief stories on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, and we’ve selected ten of our favorites from the past few months. We hope his words bring a smile to your face and a moment of peace to your heart.

1. While We Are Away at School

This story is perfect if you have recently sent a child back to school and are feeling the nerves that accompany that change. But this story is also a sweet reminder for anyone of the love Heavenly Father showed to all of His children when He sent us to the school of mortality.

2. A Shoulder to Sleep On

Butler recently took a trip to Fiji, and his story about their flight home will both restore your faith in humanity and inspire you to show love to strangers.

3. Simply Let God Love You

The beginning of this story with descriptions of sand and palm trees makes us think Butler must have written it while still in Fiji. If you need a gentle reminder that prayer can be a peaceful, sweet experience, give this story about a man learning to pray a read.

4. The Flashlight

The sweetness of the honest, simple gift in this story cannot be matched.


5. Jesus Shoes

If you have a teenager in your house, this story may make you smile in solidarity. If you don’t have a teenager, Butler’s words will still likely bring a smile to your face and increase your desire to serve in the temple.

6. Close Enough to Whisper

If you have said farewell to a missionary recently, this story is sure to be both relatable and comforting.

7. A Teacer’s Inspired Email

This story is another one that may be comforting to parents sending children off for another year of school.

8. Christian and the ‘S-Word’

No matter your age or stage, we all run the risk of getting caught up in what we think life should like. This story will help encourage you to focus less on the ‘shoulds’ and more on what is.

9. To Spend the Day with Jesus

We love David’s fresh take on the need for worship and church attendance at all times of life, even on the easier days when the need for God isn't as obvious.

10. Nicknames

This last story we love so much because it reminds us of Butler’s best-selling book, The Peter Potential. Give this one a read to remind you to see the good in yourself and in others.

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