11 Unforgettably Touching Mormon Moments from 2017

Missionary Writes Powerful Letter Defending His Companion Who Returned Home Early

Elder Cameron Condie, serving in the Zimbabwe Harare Mission, wrote a letter to the family of his companion Elder Cayden Cazier. Many missionaries who return home early from LDS Missions are wrongly judged and scorned, and many members mistakenly believe that those who return home early have not really completed a full-time mission. 

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Elder Condie, however, wanted to make sure that everyone knew just how faithful his companion had been, and his powerful letter reminds us all, "if you're judging a missionary that has returned home early . . . just stop it." 

We admire the loyalty and friendship of this devoted companion and the service of Elder Cazier despite debilitating pain and difficult circumstances. 

Image titleElder Condie and Elder Cazier at a baptism 
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