12 facts about the new Relief Society General Presidency

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The new Primary General Presidency began their service on August 1, 2022. We are excited to learn from these inspiring women! Here are four facts about each member of the presidency.

Sister Camille N. Johnson, President

  1. Sister Johnson and her husband served as mission leaders in the Peru Arequipa Mission from 2016 to 2019, but Sister Johnson had no background in Spanish. She longed to be able to communicate with her missionaries—70 percent of whom did not speak English— and the people, so she prayed for the ability to communicate in a way that would convey her love. She said, “I trusted in the Lord and relied upon the Spirit to communicate my love and testimony when words failed me. What a sweet and poignant lesson I learned to ‘lean not unto [my] own understanding’ [Proverbs 3:5] but to give it all over to my Savior.”
  2. President Johnson began working as a lawyer at a firm in Salt Lake City in 1989. She continued her career until 2016 then took a leave of absence to serve as a mission leader with her husband. She then returned to her career, even serving as firm president, until her call to the Primary General Presidency in April 2021. But when she first graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s English degree, President Johnson didn’t know what she wanted to do next. She had to learn to rely on the Lord to give her one step at a time. She said in a BYU devotional, “My life plan was rolled out for me as I lived it, keeping my eye on the prize of eternal life. My patriarchal blessing didn’t tell me what to study, no angel suggested the practice of law, and no vision told me Doug Johnson was who I should marry. Yes, I would have liked for it all to have been spelled out for me. But it wasn’t. Instead, the Lord trusted me, and, what is more important, I trusted in the Lord and just kept taking steps forward, believing that if I was off course, the Lord would redirect me.”
  3. President Johnson met her future husband during her first year of law school at the University of Utah. She said of their engagement, “My confirmation that he was the man for me came after he had proposed, and I had prepared a pros-and-cons list.” They were married on July 31, 1987, in the Salt Lake Temple and are now the parents of three children and three grandchildren.
  4. President Johnson was interviewed for an episode of the Church News podcast and was asked how the Lord has prepared her for this moment. President Johnson replied, “To be candid … I don’t know yet. But He has blessed me with a number of experiences, some of them challenging. So, not all of them were smooth sailing experiences. Some of them were storms. And I think those will bless and inform my experience and hopefully provide me with empathy for the issues that our Relief Society sisters are working to address.”

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J. Anette Dennis, First Counselor

  1. Sister Jeannie Anette Dennis’s early childhood was spent in rural Mississippi, and she was baptized in Vicksburg, Mississippi, 40 miles from their home. She remembers that when she gave her first talk as a little girl she froze and started to cry because she was so nervous. In relating this story to Church News, she jokingly added that she hopes the same thing doesn’t happen when she gives her first general conference talk.
  2. Sister Dennis met her future husband, Jorge Dennis, while on a cultural trip to Hermosillo, Mexico, in 1978 with the BYU Spanish Department. One year later, he moved to Utah to study English, and they reconnected. They married on September 4, 1980, and several months later returned to Mexico, where their first son was born. She appreciated the warm welcome she received at church during her transition to living in a new country: “The sisters in that ward treated me with such kindness and love even though I was a foreigner and spoke very little Spanish at the time,” she said. “I hope that will be the experience for all our sisters in the world who are immigrants or refugees.”
  3. Sister Dennis told Church News that it was important to her and her husband that they not send their children to childcare because of Brother Dennis’ experience being raised by a divorced mother who wasn’t home very much due to the necessity of working to provide for her family. They decided Sister Dennis would be a stay-at-home mom, which she loved and considered a great blessing. She knows not every mother who wishes to has that option. “My children will probably tell you that I was over the top and way too controlling as a mom,” she says. “I think I saw what was going on in the world, and I wanted them to have a good [spiritual] foundation because I knew what the world could do to them.”
  4. Sister has spent several years in Ecuador. She and her husband served as mission leaders in the Ecuador Guayaquil West Mission from 2013 to 2016. Then one year later, they returned and served in the Guayaquil Ecuador Temple from 2017 to 2018. Sister Dennis served as assistant to the matron and her husband was a counselor in the temple presidency.

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Sister Kristin M. Yee, Second Counselor

  1. Sister Yee grew up in Sacramento, California, until her mother, Jaydean Yee McKay, decided it would be best to raise her five children in a more rural environment. “So we moved to Burley, Idaho,” Sister Yee says. “I went from busy highways to rodeos—and I saw a cowboy for the first time,” she told Church News, laughing. She later came to appreciate her mother’s choice. “I think our lives would be very different today had we not moved to Burley.”
  2. Sister Yee received a bachelor’s degree in illustration and a Master of Public Administration from Brigham Young University. She worked with Disney Interactive Studios for 13 years—two as a texture and concept artist and 11 more years as a senior producer—and now is the manager of the animation team for the Church.

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3. Sister Yee has enjoyed drawing and painting from the earliest years of her life. On Facebook, she shared a portrait of the Savior she created and explained how the Spirit guides her both on and off the canvas. See the full post below.

4. In a different Facebook post, Sister Yee shared some of the ways she enjoys spending her time. She wrote that she finds rejuvenation in spending time with friends and family, including her six nieces and nephews. She also enjoys hiking and backpacking and spending time in her garden. See her Facebook post below.

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