13 Funny GIFs That Illustrate What Sunday Mornings Are Really Like


Let's be honest—Sunday mornings can be rough. Trying to get the whole family out the door on time for church is not an easy task. Here are 13 GIFs that hilariously capture the #SundayMorningProbs you've probably experienced.

1. When you get halfway through breakfast and realize it's fast Sunday.

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2. When you wake up in a panic because you forgot to write your sacrament meeting talk.

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3. When you forget it's daylight savings and show up to church an hour late.

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4. When everyone is in a rush to take a shower and there's no hot water left.

5. When you've tied your tie ten times and it's still too short.

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6. When you spill breakfast on your dress or white shirt.

7. When you have to find a good shirt to wear under your spaghetti strap dress to make it modest. "Fashion!"

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8. When your toddler insists on dressing himself or herself for church.

9. When you get a run in your last pair of nylons on your way out the door.

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10. When you have to adjust to 9 am church again.

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11. When you get to church and realize the shoes you grabbed on your way out the door don't match.

12. When you can't remember what dresses you've already worn this month.

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13. When you forgot to fill your gas tank on Saturday.

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