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13 Things I Learned Planning 4 Weddings in Just 7 Months


If you had told me when my children were small that they would all pick the same year to get married, I would have told you that you were crazy.

Even if you had told me the year before that four of the five of them would find their soul mates at the same time and start planning back-to-back weddings, I still would have questioned your sanity.

Now, several months beyond our four weddings in just seven months, I will tell you this: when it comes to true love, I believe in magic, and miracles, and yes . . . marriages. . . .

Through it all we dreamed, and we talked, and we discovered what it means to give your heart completely to the one you have chosen to spend forever with. Here are some of my favorite tidbits from the conversations you would have joined If you had been there with us, crafting at the black farm table in the kitchen:

• Be committed to your marriage. Don’t just make a place for it within your heart, but let it become the whole of your heart. From this moment through forever, let your first thought be we instead of me.

Images from Time Out for Women.
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