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14 unique and thought-provoking paintings in this year’s ‘Come, Follow Me’ manual

2023 marks the first time that our Come, Follow Me lessons are revisiting a book of scripture, and we are lucky enough to be diving back into the New Testament.

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The artwork found on the 2024 Come, Follow Me study journal cover comes from a collage painting by Sabrina Squires.

Since many of the stories, parables, and teachings found in the New Testament are familiar—especially those found in the first four Gospels—we might run the risk of being casual or complacent in our personal study. But with this year’s study material being so well-known, it seems as though the Church has made a concerted effort to include imagery that both inspires and invites deeper contemplation on many of the lesson pages.

Both the 2023 Come, Follow Me study manual and journal edition feature huge, beautiful art pieces on their covers, and the imagery that accompanies each week’s study material is no less inspiring.

Here are 14 of our favorite paintings featured within the pages of this year’s Come, Follow Me manual.

Jehovah Creates the Earth, by Walter Rane

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Stained-glass window in the Nauvoo Illinois Temple, by Tom Holdman
Christ and the Palsied Man, by J. Kirk Richards
I Have Prayed for Thee, by Del Parson
The Lost Piece of Silver, by James Tissot
Christ in the Home of Mary and Martha, by Walter Rane
Master, I Have Brought unto Thee My Son, by Walter Rane
The Transfiguration, by Carl Heinrich Bloch
Talitha Cumi, by Eva Koleva Timothy
Gethsemane Grove, by Derek Hegsted
Widow’s Mite, by Sandra Rast
Road to Emmaus, by Wendy Keller
Tabitha Arise, by Sandy Freckleton Gagon
Tabitha Arise, by Sandy Freckleton Gagon
The Resurrected Christ, by Walter Rane

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