"Space Jam," "Oceans 11" +13 More Hilarious Mormon Mentions in Movies

Raising Arizona

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This cult classic starring Nicolas Cage features the antics of a poor couple from Arizona who want nothing more than to have a child. But when they run out of options, they decide to "help" a prominent family with quintuplets who "got more than [they] can handle" by kidnapping one of the sons to raise themselves.

Near the end of the movie, H.I. (Nicolas Cage) has a dream, and while he doesn't reference Mormons specifically, any Mormon who has seen the movie knows what he is talking about:

You can start the video at 1:50 to hear the reference.

Raising Arizona Ending from Ikonic Images on Vimeo.
"But still I hadn't dreamt nothing about me and Ed, until the end. And this was cloudier, 'cause it was years, years away, But I saw an old couple being visited by their children, and all their grandchildren, too. The old couple wasn't screwed up, and neither were their kids or their grandkids.
"And I don't know. You tell me. This whole dream—was it wishful thinking? Was I just fleeing reality like I know I'm liable to do? But me and Ed, we can be good, too. And it seemed real. It seemed like us. And it seemed like, well, our home. If not Arizona, then a land not too far away—where all parents are strong and wise and capable, and all children are happy and beloved. I don't know. Maybe it was Utah."
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