21 Simple Pleasures Only Mormons Will Understand

Have you ever had a moment where you pause to take a breath and appreciate something small? These little wonders can be tender mercies in our lives. Here are 21 such simple pleasures that Latter-day Saints in particular might find in their everyday lives. 

1. Knowing the scripture that a speaker is quoting.

Especially if it's not a scripture mastery scripture. 

2. Finding the answer to a prayer in a random scripture.

Getting an answer to a prayer is always a simple pleasure. Finding it somewhere unexpected is even more touching.

3. Singing your favorite hymn in sacrament.

Or any of the really inspiring hymns you love. 

4. Hearing your favorite hymn sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Just like singing your favorite hymn in your local congregation, it's also a joy to hear your favorite songs performed by the choir. Especially if you catch it during the weekly broadcast of Music & the Spoken Word.

5. Finding a modest shirt, swimsuit, or pair of shorts.

Even if you live in Utah, there's a special thrill that comes with finding a modest piece of clothing you don't have to alter or wear a tank top under. 

6. Getting a letter or email from your missionary.

Missionary moms especially.

7. Listening to your favorite general conference speaker.

Every conference talk is good, but there's always something special about your favorite speaker. 

21 Simple Pleasures Only Mormons Will Understand

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8. Hearing your mission area mentioned in conference.

It always tugs at your heartstrings when you can hear your mission area mentioned over the pulpit. 

9. Watching conference in PJs.

Seriously, there's so much to love about general conference. 

10. Finishing reading the Book of Mormon.

Whether it's your first time or your fiftieth, the sense of accomplishment you get after finishing Moroni 10 can't be beat.

11. Finding hidden LDS connections in your favorite movies and games.

Whether it's listening to the now-infamous discussion on Cheers about Mormons and flowers or finding a LEGO picture of Joseph Smith in a video game, finding LDS connections in pop culture is always fun. 

21 Simple Pleasures Only Mormons Will Understand

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12. When a nonmember stands up for Mormons.

We love to hear about times when those not of our faith stick up for us Latter-day Saints

13. Hugging your missionary for the first time in two years.


14. Finding out your favorite reality TV contestant is LDS.

Seriously? I knew there was a deeper connection between us.

15. Hearing a really moving testimony.

Doesn't matter where—at Church, in a TV interview, or at FHE—it's always wonderful.

16. Eating after a long day of fasting.

Especially if you've been cooking dinner in the crockpot all day. 

So excited to see what's new in Mormondom!

18. Walking around the temple grounds.

Whenever the temple is in view, the feeling you get is unmistakable. 

19. Hearing new Church announcements.

We get a small thrill every time President Nelson approaches a pulpit. 

20. Contributing a good comment to a Sunday School lesson.

You don't need to be a biblical scholar to blow people's minds.

21. Recognizing the hand of God in the mini-miracles of your everyday life.

Above all, noticing the hand of God in our lives makes each and every small moment a simple pleasure. 


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