3 Signs Your Child Is Addicted to Technology (+3 Ways to Wean Them Off)

by | Apr. 07, 2015

Mormon Life

A recent study revealed that children who spend lots of time playing video games are more likely to demonstrate tech addiction behaviors. Here are 3 signs that a child may be addicted to technology:

1. Reluctance or refusal to do other things. Whether it's putting down the tablet for dinner or crying about playing with friends instead of the video game, a constant refusal to do other activities besides engage with electronics is not typical. while there is to be some expectation of not wanting to transition, if parents notice extremes in the child's preferences for video games above all else, there may be some addictive behaviors going on.

2. Withdrawal symptoms. When children are forced to take a break from electronic devices they often experience irritability, anxiety, depression, deviant behavior, and agitated. When this behavior doesn't smooth out over time or is only reversed when the electronic device is reintroduced, it may be problem.

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