5 Simple Ways to Change Up Your Book of Mormon Study

by | Jan. 07, 2016

Mormon Life

We all know the traditional way of studying the Book of Mormon by reading from the beginning to the end, but sometimes it's good to change things up and try a new approach. What works best for you?

Especially with Book of Mormon reading, there are plenty of things that get in the way: being too tired or too busy, getting stuck in the Isaiah chapters, feeling like you’re not getting anything out of it because you’re just skimming the familiar story. If your Book of Mormon reading needs a little boost, you might want to try one of these slightly different approaches to studying it.

Read all the chapter fives: This idea comes from my dad. He told our family recently that if he could recommend only ten chapters out of the Book of Mormon for someone to study, he would recommend all of the chapter fives. Although it may seem a little chuckle-worthy at first, these ten chapters teach a lot about how to live the gospel and get closer to the Lord.

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