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5 Reasons Singles Should Participate in Temple Sealings


When prophets encourage us to perform temple ordinances for our ancestors, this includes all the necessary ordinances of salvation. However, some young single adults might avoid sealings, thinking they are relevant only to those who are married. But that’s not true! There are blessings unique to the sealing ordinance that can help us right now if we will participate.

Many single adults assume that performing proxy sealings without a spouse will be awkward. But as with most ordinances, our experience depends on our preparation. If we approach a sealing session as an opportunity to learn, help redeem the dead, and feel the Spirit, then we won’t be held up by marital status.

Here are just five reasons why we singles can enjoy doing sealings.

  1. We’ll come to understand and appreciate the significance of the sealing ordinance.

    We might not be married, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to be blessed by a greater understanding of the eternal marriage covenant. In fact, the gospel pattern for all our covenants is to learn about them before we make them. Nowhere else in the temple can we hear the powerful words of the sealing ordinance, which is laden with profound instruction and celestial promises. We can learn much about “the new and everlasting covenant” (Doctrine and Covenants 132:19) just from the scriptures, Church leaders, and other Church materials. But if we have the opportunity, actually participating in sealings for our ancestors can help us begin to digest the ordinance’s complete, glorious implications for our futures.

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