6 Words the Savior Spoke to Me My First Time in the Temple

For the past few weeks, I've fretted, stressed, and talked myself out of writing this story several times. There are some things so personally spiritual that you don't want them subjected to the criticism, trolls, or trivialization of the online world.

But every time I've sat down at my computer or tried to fall asleep this week, this story comes into my mind.

I am not the type of person who has lightning-bolt types of personal revelation.

I don't wake up with epiphanies, I've never had a vision, I don't have dreams telling me what to do, and I've never heard voices guiding me—save twice in my life. Those two times, the Savior spoke the same six words to me.

The first time was when I received my patriarchal blessing at 16. The patriarch was telling me about a moment in the premortal life, one we were all a witness to—the moment our Savior offered Himself as a sacrifice for us. The patriarch said, "You heard Jesus Christ, God's firstborn Son, offer Himself as the sacrifice to atone for mankind's sins and failings. You knew that for Him to do this would cause Him terrible pain and suffering. You felt of His love for us, and you loved Him deeply. That love will grow again within your heart."

At that moment, a distinct voice spoke straight to my mind, blocking everything else out and filling me completely with stillness and peace. The voice said, "I know you." Then, it repeated over and over again, "You know me."

I knew in that moment it was my Savior speaking, though not with words. I could feel His love instantly enveloping me, and it was as though I caught a little glimpse of what it might be like to be with Him in the next world.

Though that was the most spiritually motivating and powerful moment of my life up until that point, I was a teenager at the time and life, self-consciousness, school, plans, and busyness often made me forget that message. I would remember again from time to time when I would read my patriarchal blessing, but often the meaning would fade as life continued.

Then something happened that guaranteed I would never forget those words and that feeling. 

The day I first went through the temple, while receiving the initiatory ordinance, I heard that same voice again, saying the exact same words, bringing the same overwhelming feeling of love and light: "I know you. You know me." In an instant, I understood those words encompassed everything that matters in this life.

That phrase is the pivotal focus of my testimony. Those six words are the only gospel truths I know to my core without a question, complication, or doubt. And I've come to realize, that's all I need. I think that may be the reason those are the only six words I've received as personal revelation in such a profound way. With all the good intentions and well-meaning desires that so often distract me from the core of the gospel, Heavenly Father and my Savior know I need those words to keep me on track. They know I need those words to block out confusion and doubt. They know I need those words to feel and remember Their love, no matter what.

And while this experience was something profoundly personal to me, I know those six words apply to you too. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know you. They love you. And if you could only glimpse past the veil and remember, you'd realize you know and love Them, too.

And that is all that truly matters.

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