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7 simple but smart items for every woman’s temple bag


A morning, afternoon, or evening spent at the temple can be the means of relief, inspiration, and spiritual strength to keep on the covenant path. So I like to look for ways to make my personal temple experience as seamless as possible, and that includes having everything I might need packed safely in my temple bag. While you certainly don’t need much to have a great experience worshiping the Lord, here are a few simple items that I like to have on hand to enhance my own temple experience. Some of these items are to make sure my physical needs are met so that I can focus spiritually, and some of them are to help me capitalize on the opportunities for personal revelation so readily available at the temple.

1. A Sachet

Never heard of a sachet before? I hadn’t either, but since I discovered them they have become a game-changer for me. A sachet is a small pouch of sweet-smelling salts or fragrant herbs meant to freshen up small spaces. Put one of these in your temple bag and every time you open it you will be greeted with a fresh smell and it may help your clothing smell better as well. As a side note, they also are great for keeping suitcases smelling fresh and would make a great gift for missionaries.

This beach day scented sachet can be placed anywhere you'd like a touch of fragrance. Directions: place fragrance sachet in desired location. Lightly shake sachet periodically to refresh. Available at Deseret Book and

2. A Journal and Pen

When you have a spiritual experience, it is best if you can write down your thoughts and feelings while you are still feeling them. That way you are more likely to capture the experience for what it really was. I love what President Nelson said once in conference about seeking revelation, “Pray in the name of Jesus Christ about your concerns, your fears, your weaknesses—yes, the very longings of your heart. And then listen! Write the thoughts that come to your mind. Record your feelings and follow through with actions that you are prompted to take. As you repeat this process day after day, month after month, year after year, you will grow ‘into the principle of revelation.’”

I like to keep a small journal in my bag that is solely for temple-related experiences. Before walking out the temple doors after the session, you could pause in the lobby where there is generally available seating, and take a few minutes to journal your thoughts for the day.

This beautiful journal from the Magnify community is also perfectly tailored to recording spiritual experiences.

Eight, beautifully designed sections with theme prompts will help jog your memories of spiritual experiences you’ve had and not yet recorded or help highlight new experiences as they happen. Available at Deseret Book and

3. Lotion

I always like to put lotion on my hands right before I leave the locker room. An endowment session lasts for a few hours, so I like to prepare my hands so that I am not distracted by dry, achy skin, especially in the wintertime. I have a bottle that always stays in my temple bag so that I don’t forget it.

4. Chapstick

Along the same lines, chapstick is an essential item for me. I actually not only keep chapstick in my temple bag but also put a tube in the pocket of my temple dress in case I need it during the session. Little things like that help me enter the temple more relaxed and ready to focus on the Spirit.

5. Mints

A tin of mints is nice to have in your bag not only to freshen your breath but also to give you something to suck on if your throat gets dry during a session. I will usually put one or two in the pocket of my dress before I leave the dressing room. Mints can also be helpful if you are feeling a little sleepy and need something to help keep you awake.

I like mints in tins like these because then I am not distracting anyone by crinkling a plastic wrapper in the endowment rooms.

6. Jewelry Box

I don’t always find myself in need of a jewelry box, but it comes in handy now and again. If you want to take off any jewelry you might have been wearing when you arrived at the temple, it may be wise to put it in a box or case so that it doesn’t get lost.

7. Small hairbrush

I always like having a small or travel-size hairbrush to adjust my hair before or after a session. Not something you need to have, but it can be nice to run through your hair quickly before or after a session.

Those are some of my favorite things to have in my temple bag. What would you add?

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