9 Mormon YouTubers with Millions of Followers

by | May 23, 2015



Basketball trick shots require precision, timing, and a little bit of luck. And the internet is bombarded by thousands of videos of these “unbelievable” baskets.

There’s one trick shot titan, however, whose unbelievable skill stood out, making him an internet sensation by the age of 2.

 Titus Ashby, better known as “Trick Shot Titus,” first struck gold on YouTube in February 2013 when his dad, Joseph Ashby, posted a compilation video of all of the impressive baskets his son had made. At the time, the LDS family had no idea of the fame that was about to hit them.

“I remember saying to my wife that it’d be funny if someday our video got to a million views,” says Ashby. “We never expected that day to be the third day the video was online and never would have believed someone if they said two years later we’d have a YouTube channel with over 38 million views.”

Since their first video, Titus and his family have produced several other compilations of more impressive trick shots. The toddler has been featured on BYUtv’s Studio C and has also met celebrities like Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper. He has even been a guest multiple times on Jimmy Kimmel Live and other late-night talk shows.

Titus’s trick shot videos feature his family as his greatest cheerleaders, and you can hear their cheers of joy and surprise erupt when he makes a particularly difficult shot. “Lots of young people comment on how they want to have a family after seeing our videos,” Ashby says. “I think that might be most meaningful to us.” 

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