9 Mormon YouTubers with Millions of Followers

by | May 23, 2015



9 Mormons with Millions of YouTube Followers-Cute Girls Hairstyles

With six kids, Mindy and Shaun McKnight have a lot to handle at home—and that’s before you add in two YouTube channels, a website, and interviews with national television and newspapers. The couple hit YouTube stardom five years ago when Mindy began posting videos of different hairstyles she would do with her girls’ long locks. Pretty soon, both her family and her viewers were hooked on Cute Girls Hairstyles.

Mindy has been interviewed by Katie Couric and Anderson Cooper and has also appeared on 20/20 and the Today show. From collaborating with Disney to coordinating hairstyles for blockbusters like The Hunger Games, Cute Girls Hairstyles has taken the hair world by storm. The McKnights have over 3 million followers on their YouTube channel, and their twin daughters have a very popular teen YouTube channel of their own.

But through it all, they’ve kept their family focused on living the gospel.

“I think the key to keeping life focused on the gospel is doing the little things such as regular church attendance, participating in youth activities, seminary attendance, and even just talking about the gospel daily,” Mindy McKnight says. 

The family knows that they are quite often the first encounter their viewers might have with Mormons, so they make sure their viewers see the Light of Christ in their family life. “The gospel manifests itself in every aspect of our business—from the way we talk to the family-friendly content we produce,” she says. 

And when it comes to partnering with big brands, how do they keep their LDS standards intact? “We often stand up for our beliefs by not accepting alcohol, coffee, or immodest clothing. We do not accept business opportunities that would place us in a position that would compromise our standards,” she says. “We are just so grateful for the blessings we have been given and the opportunities that we have had. We know that we are here because we have been blessed by God.”

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