Church Video: After Toddler Dies of Brain Cancer, Family Creates Superhero Race to Help Others

When the Burnett’s son, Keith, was 3 years old, he was diagnosed with brain cancer and lived only for another 19 months before passing away.

“When he passed, I couldn’t just sit still, because it just hurt, I needed to keep busy, I needed something to do,” says Darcee Burnett

While running one day, Darcee felt she could start a race to raise funds for children’s cancer research. The Burnett family created the half-marathon and 5K race and uniquely themed it “hero up” because of how their son identified with superheroes. Since creating the event, they have seen many people from the community come and participate, and they have also seen peace enter their lives.

“Trying to show compassion to others like others did to us, that’s where I find peace, that is healing for me,” says Brett Burnett.

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