21 Famous People Who Have Been Given a Book of Mormon

Queen Liliuokalani

Famous People & Book of Mormon

Photo retrieved from wikipedia.org.

Hawaiian royals not only received a Book of Mormon, they also played a central role in the translation of this book into their native language, thus expanding the reach and accessibility of the gospel throughout all of Hawaii.

 Since the first missionary, George Q. Cannon, arrived on the Hawaiian islands in 1849, the Church saw enormous growth and success—especially among notable native political figures.  One of the first Hawaiian’s to accept the restored gospel was Jonathon Napela, a descendant of chiefly lineage and a magistrate at Wailuku.  Later, he served as Cannon’s mission companion and together the two translated the Book of Mormon into Hawaiian, making Hawaiian the sixth language the Book of Mormon has been translated into since Joseph Smith first translated it into English.

This record played a crucial role in expanding the membership in Hawaii.  One of the most notable converts in the Hawaiian royal family was the last reigning monarch, Queen Liluokalani, who was baptized in 1906.

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