21 Famous People Who Have Been Given a Book of Mormon


Abraham Lincoln

Famous People & Book of Mormon

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As far as historical records can tell, no one gave Abraham Lincoln a Book of Mormon; he sought it out himself. Early in 1862, Lincoln’s 11-year-old son lay dying even while the United States was fractured and on the verge of the darkest and bloodiest days of the Civil War. Prospects for the northern states were grim. Lincoln found himself in charge of an army that had yet to obtain a major victory, in continual clashes with the army’s head general, and at odds with much of his cabinet and White House staff.  

In the midst of these dark times, Lincoln had in his possession a copy of the Book of Mormon that he requested from the Library of Congress, which he kept for eight months. Though there is no irrefutable proof that Lincoln actually read the Book of Mormon, there is evidence to suggest that the president not only read the book but that he was influenced and maybe even comforted by its teachings.

Famous People who Received a Book of Mormon

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