Haunted Houses: A 1950 "Spoken Word" from Temple Square

by | Oct. 27, 2015

Mormon Life

MR says: As the longest continuous network broadcast in the world, "Music and the Spoken Word" has no doubt made an impression on many throughout the world. It has provided Latter-day Saints with many memorable messages in its over 86 years and nearly 5,000 broadcasts, but never one quite like this.

Check out this "Spoken Word" from Richard L. Evans shared on February 19, 1950. We thought this would be a perfect fit for the Halloween season!

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There was a time, in childhood, when we were much impressed by houses that were supposed to be haunted – a haunted house, of course, being any empty place where people had moved out and dust and cobwebs had moved in.

Creaking floors made them live, and the wind made them breathe and move and speak of many things – but more of loneliness than of anything else. In some ways perhaps any old and empty house seems haunted – haunted by memories, haunted by forsaken sounds.

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