How Long Should You Wait for a Temple Marriage?

I just reread a nine year old post from an LDS woman contemplating marriage to an inactive LDS man. Aside from his loss of conviction (or rather, testimony) that the gospel was true, she described their relationship as very good. According to her, he treated her very well and his values were in line with a Mormon lifestyle. She loved him and he loved her. She wanted to know if she should marry him.

The response she got was an overwhelming NO. Which would have been my response, hands down, ten, twenty, thirty, forty years ago.

I’m on the backside of 50 now. I’ve seen more. Specifically, what I’ve seen more of lately, and I mean a whole lot more of, are beautiful, intelligent, spiritually sound, temple-recommend-carrying women in the church, of 30 years of age and older, who are not married, have never been married, and are actively seeking a suitable companion — with not so great results.

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