How the Prophet and Apostles Met Their Wives: Love Stories from Our Church Leaders

by | Jul. 14, 2018

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President Oaks and June Oaks

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According to lds.org, President Oaks met June Dixon when he served as a radio announcer at a high school basketball game. After a year and a half, the couple married in the Salt Lake Temple on June 24, 1952. June died from cancer in 1998.

President Oaks and Kristen Oaks

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Two years later, President Oaks met Kristen M. McMain, who soon became his second wife.

Sister Kristen Oaks shares in her book A Single Voice that she met President Oaks through a general authority who was helping her with a future job opportunity. Shortly after her visit with the general authority, President Oaks called him and asked if he knew someone he should get to know as part of his search for a wife. President Oaks later phoned Kristen and arranged their first meeting at Liberty Park with his daughter.

Sister Oaks describes their first meeting as three longtime friends having a relaxing conversation. President Oaks felt their dating should be private, and the two often took walks, went on picnics, and spent time with their family members.  

The two were married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 25, 2000. President Oaks shares in his book Life’s Lesson Learned that before June passed away, she told her daughters to help President Oaks to find a companion that would fit into their family. “Kristen’s many years of being single, her service as a missionary (in Japan), her doctoral degree from Brigham Young University (in education), and her intelligence, faithfulness, skills as a speaker and teacher, and her loving outreach to others ideally fitted her for the responsibilities that came to her with our marriage. In the way I was led to meet her, in the answer to my prayers for guidance, and in the sacred assurance I received of June’s approval, I had the revelatory confirmation I sought.”

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In a Church that is focused on family, singles can feel somewhat discounted and discouraged. Oftentimes the very resources meant to support people can inadvertently cause pain. In the book A Single Voice, author Kristen Oaks addresses questions most of the single adults have and offers valuable insights, personal reflections (including the story of the author's courtship and marriage to President Oaks), and rich advice for living life to the fullest as a single member.

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