Hyrum Smith's Sunglasses +9 More Treasures in the Church History Museum

by | Mar. 31, 2016

Mormon Life

Hyrum Smith’s Sunglasses

Hyrum Smith's Sunglasses +9 More Treasures at the Church History Museum

Hyrum’s personal pair of prescription sunglasses corrected his farsightedness and could collapse to fit a small case. The glasses are subtly displayed next to the clothes he was wearing the day of the martyrdom and were part of a collection of artifacts formerly owned by Elder Eldred Smith, a direct descendant of Hyrum. A similar pair, owned and used by Brigham Young, are on display in another part of the museum.

Other artifacts from Eldred Smith’s collection that are now on display include the clothes Hyrum was wearing the day he was killed as well as the watch he carried, which was shattered by a bullet. 

Find these artifacts in The Martyrdom section of the museum, along with the death masks of Hyrum and Joseph, Stephen Markham’s cane, and John Taylor’s pocket watch. Read more about these artifacts on history.lds.org.

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