Missionaries Show Up on Baptist Mom's Doorstep After Her Sister's Death: "It Was the Best Message I'd Ever Heard"

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, some even bring us to our knees. 

Marcia knows this all too well. Her life as she knew it changed drastically when her sister passed away. After taking in her 9-year-old nephew and 12-year-old niece in addition to her own children, Marcia prayed that God would help her raise them the way He wanted.

Not long after, Marcia received what she calls the best message she had ever heard—a message that changed her life forever. 

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In these times of enormous stress on families, where can we find down-to-earth help for raising our children?

Declaring that the scriptures are the Lord's handbook for families, father and author S. Michael Wilcox applies in What the Scriptures Teach Us about Raising a Child his considerable scriptural knowledge and practical insight to the subject of parenting.

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