Podcast: The Games Men and Women Play in Relationships (& How to Stop)

by | Nov. 05, 2016

Mormon Life

In a podcast from LDS Perspectives, marriage and family therapists Emil Harker and Jonathan Sherman discuss the games men and women play in their relationships, whether it be for time, attention, or intimacy. 

Studying what they call the "pursue-withdraw" dynamic in relationships, Harker explains that this syndrome has many "different names for the same problem." However, it boils down to this: "They don't have their needs met, and what do they do? They up the ante in terms of trying to get the other person to provide them their needs." 

Not only do they study the psychology behind the attention-seeking games couples sometimes play with one another, but they also provide solutions for couples to communicate more effectively.

Sherman shared, "While there's a lot of strategies we can use, the overarching umbrella—the one word that sums up everything . . . is safety." 

Listen to the podcast below to understand more about the "pursue-withdraw dynamic" in relationships, and what you can do to stop it.

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