The Two Questions to Ask About Your Church Calling

by | Jun. 19, 2014

Mormon Life

Welcome to a new department on the Mormon Nerd blog called “Sixty-second Sermons”. Brevity can be a virtue. It’s just not a virtue I generally possess. When I write about something I want to be thorough and complete. Why use one example to make a point when you can use an example, a scripture, a quote, and a story!

But sometimes wading through lots of material to get to the point can be tiring and unhelpful. Sometimes short is sweet and brief is best.

Reason #214 that Mormons are peculiar: no professional ministers. Everyone takes turns helping in different ways. The Lord taught rather simply “if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work” (D&C 4:3).

Church callings are part of God’s plan to make us more like Him. Or at least they should be. Some may think they are about status, attention, and power. 

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