The Ultimate Guide to Mormon Mobile Apps

by | Sep. 08, 2014


Today. Right now. This very instant. It seems that everyone has a smartphone with a reason locked and loaded, ready to use it. Oh, you have a smartphone too? Then you may agree how wonderful it is that instant gratification has been made a top priority in our era.

But wouldn’t it be incredible if we brought that wired enthusiasm into sharing the gospel? LDS.net has compiled a guide of all the best mobile apps for Latter-day Saints.

So whether you’re an experienced troop leader for the Scouts who has no idea how to work an iPhone or a hip Sunday School teacher in a YSA ward, this guide is for you.

The Essentials

Gospel Library

Contains every scripture, magazine, map, and reference that you could ever need in a single app.

Available for: iPhone and Android.

Price: free Rating: 4.8/5

Full Tithe-LDS Tithing Tracker

Keeps track of your fast offerings, missionary funds, and tithing throughout the year.

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