Time Out For Women launches new website

by | Jul. 20, 2011

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With more Latter-day Saint women dotting the earth, Time Out For Women (TOFW) has launched a new website that brings the events to women who are otherwise not able to attend.

The site is designed to help women all around the world “connect, share and inspire” each other through blogs, videos, a book club and newsletter. On the homepage is a “weekly gem” that features quotes that usually come from TOFW presenters.  

Mary Moore, marketing and communications manager for TOFW, said at an event there are hundreds and even sometimes thousands of women from an area who come for two days to connect with each other, share stories and walk away feeling strengthened and inspired. 

“TOFW.com is a place to find hope, strength and encouragement,” Moore said. “Whether her day consists of being a mother, business woman, chef, grandmother, runner or however she might describe herself, this is a website for her.”

Moore said through this website, women will recognize that they are not alone and that they have support from others all over the world—some in relatable circumstances. 

The TOFW blog provides a place where women can read inspiring messages and helpful insights as well as see some behind-the-scenes content from TOFW. Familiar names such as Hilary Weeks, Emily Watts and other TOFW presenters will contribute articles that will be written specifically for the website. Clips and highlights from the actual events will also be available. 

Women have a chance to share their stories or read about others’ experiences in the Women Like You section. Readers can connect with others who are finding success and hope in their own lives under a variety of situations. 
The site also contains a section that includes articles written by guest bloggers about their quest to apply and live this year’s TOFW theme, “Choose to Become.” An events section will also help women be in the know about what is going on near them. 

“Women will recognize that they are not alone,” Moore said. “They have the support of women all over the world. As they read the stories of others, there will be familiarity, and hope.”
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