All the Most Frustrating LDS Dating Problems Hilariously Captured in This 3-Minute Ad

In this hilarious video starring Studio C's Stacey Harkey, all the common dating problems LDS singles experience is captured in just three minutes.

Tinder has been making marriages and headlines for years now. And while many LDS singles have had success with the app, others experience frustration when they realize many of the people on Tinder aren't looking for the same kind of commitment.

Not to mention it can be difficult to find singles who share your same goals and beliefs. That's why BYU graduates have created a new dating app, one named based on a witty play on LDS terms: Mutual.

In this hilarious video, Mutual shows all the dating problems of LDS singles—featuring Studio C's very own Stacey Harkey.

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Mutual - The LDS Dating App


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