Latter-day Saint Life

Am I Planting or Killing Seeds?

Thirty-four conversion stories were published last week for the Third Annual Hug a Convert Day. Thirty-four! Each one unique and wonderful. But this year, more than the previous two, there was an unmistakeable thread that ran though many of them. Did you notice?

Many of the conversions came to fruition from a seed that had been planted years, or even decades before. Seeds that were planted by best friends, families, school teachers, missionaries, and even well-placed literature.

This of course, got me thinking about those priceless seeds that have since sprouted and grown into such wonderful testimonies. Each one is a mini Alma 32 lesson.

It is good to know that so many people are out there planting seeds.

There is also the reality that there are many, many people out there killing the seeds before, or after they sprout.

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