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Church Releases Christmas Video and Initiative for 2017


After the success the Church saw last year with their Christmas initiative, they decided to once again #LIGHTtheWORLD with Christ's love and light, hoping to set the world ablaze with service.

Last year, people from every corner of the world shared ways they served and uplifted others in celebration of Christ's birth under the Church's initiative to "Light the World." This year, the Church plans to once again provide a service advent calendar for those who want to participate and a correlating video each day leading up to Christmas. But this year, the Church has added a few new components to their initiative.

For 2017, the Church has partnered with nonprofits throughout the world to help provide clean water, food, shelter, and other necessities to those in need. In addition, the Church has teamed up with artists to create concerts and events, both live and online, across the world to rekindle the desire to share Christ's goodness and love.

As you gear up for all the service, events, and surprises coming up this Christmas, enjoy the Church's holiday video this year inspiring others to find ways to Light the World:

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