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Church Transfers Remaining 158 Missionaries Out of Nicaragua


On June 4, 2018, Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff released the following announcement:

In light of continued violence and deteriorating conditions in Nicaragua, the Church has decided to transfer the remaining 158 missionaries out of that country. Those missionaries are being moved to temporary assignments in North America, South America, the Caribbean and New Zealand. Most of these missionaries have already left the country. All others awaiting travel are in a safe location and will arrive in their new assignments in the next several days. As part of this move, the Nicaragua Managua South Mission president and his young family have left the country and returned home. The Nicaragua Managua North Mission president and his companion will remain in Nicaragua for the time being to take care of some ecclesiastical responsibilities over local Church members. The Church will continue to monitor developments in Nicaragua and make a decision in the future regarding the eventual return of missionaries. In the meantime, we pray for peace and stability for all who live there during this uncertain time.

Lead image from Wikimedia Commons
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