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Countdown to Conference: Daily quotes from last conference to prepare you for April 2023


To help you prepare for the April 2023 general conference, the team at LDS Living has gathered one quote from each talk from October 2022 general conference as a reminder of the promises, blessings, and messages given by our inspired Church leaders.

You can follow along each day or re-read each short quote on a quiet Sunday afternoon! No matter how you choose to personally prepare for general conference, we hope you’ll feel inspired and motivated to pay close attention to the fresh new messages and counsel from our Church leaders during this April conference.

Here is today’s October 2022 general conference quote to ponder:

March 21: “It is one thing to ‘hear Him’ in a quiet place of contemplation with scriptures wide open. But it is quite another thing to carry our discipleship into this mortal flurry of distractions, where we must strive to ‘hear Him’ even through the blur of self-concern and faltering confidence.” —President Steven J. Lund

You can read President Lund’s full conference talk here.

In his general conference talk, President Lund spoke on the topic of lasting discipleship. He encouraged listeners to continue praying often, read the scriptures, and to serve sincerely. He also testified that by “trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and His covenant path, we can find spiritual confidence and peace as we nurture holy habits and righteous routines that can sustain and fuel the fires of our faith.” Here are more resources about spiritual confidence.

3 things a mother and seminary teacher has learned about instilling confidence in teenagers

“In a world where the adversary wants the youth distracted, discouraged, and discontent it is more crucial than ever for our youth to understand their divine identity and their purpose in Heavenly Father’s plan.”

Batchlor Johnson IV: How the path of discipleship brings me confidence and freedom

“My journey of trying to be the best disciple I can be has given me the confidence and the freedom to live at my best unapologetically.”

You can read all the October 2022 general conference talks here. And if you feel inspired by this quote, take a screenshot and send it to a friend or check out today’s quote on LDS Living’s Instagram Stories.

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