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Countdown to Conference: April 2023

To help you prepare for the April 2023 general conference, check out this daily quote from last general conference and additional study resources to refresh your memory and inspire your conference prep!

You can follow along each day or re-read each short quote on a quiet Sunday afternoon! No matter how you choose to personally prepare for general conference, we hope you’ll feel inspired and motivated to pay close attention to the fresh new messages from our Church leaders during this April conference.
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February 25 (Day 1)
“The Church of Jesus Christ is committed to serving those in need, and it is also committed to cooperating with others in that effort.” —President Dallin H. Oaks

You can read President Oaks’s entire October 2022 general conference message on

President Oaks’s message on helping the poor and distressed highlighted many of the Church’s humanitarian efforts. To learn more about some of those projects, here are a few additional resources and stories:

Here are some of the Church’s widest-reaching welfare and self-reliance programs you may have never heard of

“The welfare program … stresses ... education, health, employment, family home production and storage, family finances, and spiritual strength.”

Here’s how the Church is helping in Türkiye and Syria after the devastating earthquakes

Important work is being done in collaboration with several relief organizations who have a long-standing presence on the ground in the two countries.

February 26 (Day 2)
“I believe the Savior Jesus Christ would want you to see, feel, and know that He is your strength. That with His help, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. That your potential is limitless. He would want you to see yourself the way He sees you. And that is very different from the way the world sees you.” —Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

You can read Elder Uchtdorf’s entire October 2022 general conference address on

As part of his message, Elder Uchtdorf also announced a new For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. Here are a few more resources on the new 2022 pamphlet and its principles:

What are the biggest changes to the new ‘For the Strength of Youth’ booklet?

The new guide for youth “focuses on the foundation [of] values, principles, and doctrine instead of every specific behavior.”

How ‘For the Strength of Youth’ has changed over the years

The “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet was most recently updated in 2022. Here's a look at how this youth handbook has changed since its first publication in 1965.
February 27 (Day 3)
“Jesus Christ is both the purpose of our focus and the intent of our destination. To help us to remain fixed and heading in the right direction, the Savior invites us to see our lives through Him in order to see more of Him in our lives.” —Sister Tracy Y. Browning

You can read Sister Browning’s entire message from October 2022 general conference on

Sister Tracy Y. Browning is also the first Black woman to serve in a general presidency of the Church. Learn more about her and hear additional inspiring messages from her in some of these stories below.

Meet Sister Tracy Y. Browning—the first Black woman to serve in a general presidency

“I am a daughter of God, one of his Black daughters, and because I’m Black, I’ve had very specific cultural experiences that influence my perspective, my leadership, and my faith.”

‘What does belonging mean?’ Sister Tracy Browning shares thoughts in podcast episode

Sister Tracy Browning shared her thoughts about inclusion, unity, and loving one another better on the Latter-day Saint Women Podcast.

‘There is no expiration date for revelation’: Sister Tracy Browning on evolving revelation

When Sister Tracy Browning’s mother was investigating The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she reached a pivotal junction in her study of the restored gospel—a desire to know if the Book of Mormon was the true word of God.
February 28 (Day 4)
“When we ask for revelation about something for which God has already given clear direction, we open ourselves up to misinterpreting our feelings and hearing what we want to hear.” —Elder Dale G. Renlund

You can read Elder Renlund’s entire message from October 2022 general conference on

Elder Renlund’s message about personal revelation is powerful and poignant. For more stories on the importance of personal revelation, check out these articles below.

Am I actually receiving revelation from the Spirit, or did I make up my answer? Here’s how to tell the difference

Experts share their insights on how to stay open to the Spirit and prevent anxiety from getting in the way.

From trepidation to personal revelation—1 Black woman’s conversion story

“I cried tears of joy that I had found the Lord’s Church on earth!”
You can also listen to Elder David A. Bednar talk about living in revelation on the All In Podcast in the player below:

March 1 (Day 5)
“Among the marvelous habits that should be normal for members of the Church are these four:
  1. Personal and family study of the scriptures.
  2. Personal and family prayer.
  3. Weekly sacrament meeting attendance.
  4. Frequent participation in temple and family history work.”
    —Elder Rafael E. Pino
You can read or watch Elder Pino’s October 2022 general conference talk on

My son’s surprising prayer that changed how I see our weekly church fight

My 10-year-old pitches a different excuse every week to convince us it’s impossible for him to go to church. And while I want him to be there, the resistance is draining.

What defines a successful scripture study? Q&A with host of ‘Sunday on Monday’ podcast

A former full-time seminary and institute teacher, Tammy loves digging into gospel and shared a profound insight on scripture study.

If you find yourself struggling to participate in family history work, check out the Love Your Lineage podcast. Two passionate women, Miyamoto Loretta Jensen and Michelle Franzoni Thorley, help listeners see beyond the traditional focus on searching for missing names—showing how everyone, no matter their background or family situation, can make deep and powerful connections to their ancestors. You can listen to a preview of the podcast in the player below.

March 2 (Day 6)
“Adversity in our lives can cause doubt about the fulfillment of the promises that have been made to us. Please trust in our Father. He always keeps His promises, and we can learn what He wants to teach us.” —Elder Hugo Montoya

You can read or watch Elder Montoya’s talk from October 2022 general conference talk on

Elder Montoya’s talk centered around the eternal principle of love—specifically, God’s love for His children. Enhance your personal study of God’s love with more great quotes and stories below:

6 Latter-day Saint quotes to help you better understand and feel God’s love

Here are six beautiful and firm reminders of God’s love for you and where to find it.

March 3 (Day 7)
“Our living prophet is doing his part to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon. But he cannot open the floodgates alone. We must follow his lead.” —Elder Ronald A. Rasband

You can read or watch Elder Rasband’s talk from October 2022 general conference on

If you need a boost to your personal commitment to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon, here are a few resources and inspiring stories that might help.

This new app makes it easier to share the Book of Mormon than ever before

“This app is miraculous. It allows us to be better instruments in sharing God’s word with His people, wherever they are, in whatever language they speak.”

Teen recruits youth, including non-members, from around the world to record audio for entire Book of Mormon

Fifteen-year-old McKay Nelson started a project centered on the Book of Mormon that ultimately gathered participants from Bulgaria to New Zealand.
March 4 (Day 8)
“Let me be perfectly clear: any kind of abuse of women, children, or anyone is an abomination to the Lord.” —President Russell M. Nelson

You can read President Nelson’s full message on

For more resources on this important topic, here are a few other helpful articles and perspectives:

How can Latter-day Saints better prevent child sexual abuse?

While abuse is a problem that extends far beyond the Latter-day Saint community, Church members who have worked within this space say Latter-day Saints can better engage in prevention.

Latter-day Saint mom: What the Church’s child abuse training taught me about protecting children

The training allowed me to understand the topic of abuse with a gospel lens, and I was able to apply it when an incident occurred in Primary.

‘Friend’ magazine addresses consent and provides easy-to-teach lesson for families

“How do you teach the concept of consent to your children? That ‘no’ means ‘no,’ that our bodies are sacred and private, and that a child’s comfort and discomfort are important?”
March 5 (Day 9)
“There is hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is hope for all in this life. There is hope to overcome our mistakes, our sorrows, our struggles, and our trials and our troubles. There is hope in repentance and being forgiven and in forgiving others.” —President M. Russell Ballard

You can read or watch President Ballard’s talk from October 2022 general conference on

For more quotes about hope and inspiring stories of hopeful Latter-day Saints, check out these other great articles:

7 quotes from Church leaders to bring you hope

As Sister Sharon Eubank said, we can take courage because the Savior’s light is always there for us.

How a Book of Mormon bookmark in a pink Bible in a rehab facility reminded one woman of God’s love

Ashly Stone was in rehab—again. Despite repeated efforts to overcome her vices and addictions, she seemed to be stuck in a spin cycle. But then something unlikely happened...
March 6 (Day 10)
“The Lord requires us to forgive for our own good. But He does not ask us to do it without His help, His love, His understanding. Through our covenants with the Lord, we can each receive the strengthening power, guidance, and the help we need to both forgive and to be forgiven.” —Sister Kristin M. Yee

You can read all of Sister Yee’s conference talk here.

If you would like to continue studying forgiveness, the following articles may be a beneficial resource.

10 profound blessings Latter-day Saints have been promised if they will forgive

Knowing the blessings promised to those who forgive can be a powerful motivating force to do so.

Latter-day Saint Psychologist: 3 ways forgiving others heals you

“How can I get rid of this feeling? I hate feeling this way.”
March 7 (Day 11)
“No matter how capable, educated, brilliant, or strong we are, we cannot cleanse ourselves from our sins, change our bodies to an immortal state, or exalt ourselves. It is only possible through the Savior Jesus Christ and His infinite Atonement.” —Elder Paul V. Johnson

You can read Elder Johnson’s full conference talk here.

Find additional resources to continue your study on Jesus Christ's Atonement below.

5 Profound insights from ‘The Infinite Atonement’

So here are some of the most important and interesting ideas from the book 'The Infinite Atonement.'

Elder Bednar's 3 fundamental truths about repentance

Elder David A. Bednar spoke about an important aspect of repentance during a Mission Leadership Seminar.
March 8 (Day 12)
“The restored gospel of Jesus Christ proclaims the principle of full partnership between woman and man, both in mortal life and in the eternities. Although each possesses specific attributes and divinely appointed responsibilities, woman and man fill equally relevant and essential roles in God’s plan of happiness for His children.” —Elder Ulisses Soares

You can read Elder Soares’s full message here.

To continue your study, consider reading the articles below.

The Bednars’ powerful marriage advice: You do not find a good marriage, you create it

"I often emphasize the truth that you do not simply 'find' the marriage you hope to have. Rather, you create it," Elder David A. Bednar shared on Instagram.

Is ‘happily ever after’ possible? Elder Robbins says Nephi and the Savior teach us how to choose happiness

Happily ever after is often considered the stuff of fairy tales but Elder Lynn G. Robbins, general authority emeritus, says that love and happiness in most cases is a choice.
March 9 (Day 13)
“Spending time with Jesus in the scriptures changed everything. We gained a deeper appreciation for who He was and what was important to Him. Together we considered how He taught, what He taught, the ways He showed love, what He did to bless and serve, His miracles, how He responded to betrayal, what He did with difficult human emotions, His titles and names, how He listened, how He resolved conflict, the world He lived in, His parables, how He encouraged unity and kindness, His capacity to forgive and to heal, His sermons, His prayers, His atoning sacrifice, His Resurrection, His gospel.” — Elder James W. McConkie III

You can read Elder McConkie’s entire talk here.

Continue your study about spiritual learning by reading the articles below.

What defines a successful scripture study? Q&A with host of ‘Sunday on Monday’ podcast

A former full-time seminary and institute teacher, Tammy loves digging into gospel and shared a profound insight on scripture study.

The Church’s new augmented reality app maps out the events of the New Testament

A new interactive map of the Holy Land allows for a truly unique Come, Follow Me experience where families can—almost literally—follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ.
March 10 (Day 14)
“The joy promised in the scriptures as the purpose of our existence should not be understood to mean that we will have no difficulties or sorrows.” —Elder Jorge F. Zeballos

You can read Elder Zeballos’s entire conference talk here.

Continue your study by reading the articles below.

The struggle to find meaning and purpose during trials

Does God orchestrate our hardships in order to strengthen us spiritually? Or do all these bad things happen because we have fragile mortal bodies and mortality is just fraught with accidents?

David T. Morgan: 2 scriptures that help us understand why God allows us to pass through hard things

Are mental health challenges part of divine design for our growth? Are they effects of choices made by others that afflict our development?
March 11 (Day 15)
“Let us leave judgment in the Lord’s hands and those He has commissioned and be content to love and treat each other the best we can.” —Elder D. Todd Christofferson

You can read Elder Christofferson’s entire general conference talk here.

Consider continuing your study by reading the articles below.

Snap out of it! Why snap judgments are so unfair

Meet my new friend, Constantine. He’s yet another example of why snap judgments are so unfair.

Steve Young: Why the law of love means loving others without expectations or transactions

I’m not trying to love people into coming with me. I’m just loving people. They and God will figure out their journey; my job is to love them along the way.
March 12 (Day 16)
“Beyond being simply a scientific or political necessity, the care of the earth and of our natural environment is a sacred responsibility entrusted to us by God, which should fill us with a deep sense of duty and humility. It is also an integral component of our discipleship.” —Bishop Gérald Caussé

You can read Bishop Caussé’s entire address here.

Consider continuing your study with the resources below.

How can you be a good steward of the earth? Latter-day Saint biologist shares his thoughts

As disciples of Christ, we’ve been taught that we need to care for the earth. Here are just a few ways we can follow that important commandment.

6 quotes from Latter-day Saint leaders to celebrate Earth Day

There is no doubt that Planet Earth is a wondrous, beautiful, and glorious place, and we are eternally grateful for all of God’s creations.

March 13 (Day 17)
“When your faith, your family, or your future are challenged—when you wonder why life is so hard when you are doing your best to live the gospel—remember that the Lord told us to expect troubles. Troubles are part of the plan and do not mean you’ve been abandoned; they are part of what it means to be His.” —Sister Michelle D. Craig

You can read Sister Craig’s entire address here.

Consider continuing you study with the resources below.

‘God is my friend’: What we can learn from how Joseph Smith dealt with adversity

Notwithstanding all Joseph Smith went through, he never turned against God and never denied his testimony that God and Christ had spoken to him.

President Russell M. Nelson: 3 ways to find peace in Christ

Peace can come to all who earnestly seek the Prince of Peace. His is the sweet and saving message our missionaries take throughout the world.
March 14 (Day 18)
“The Church is a gathering place for imperfect individuals who love God and who are willing to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.” —Elder Kevin W. Pearson

You can read Elder Pearson’s entire address here.

Consider continuing your study with the resources below.

Listen to this podcast episode about how we can make our church meetings a safe and more enjoyable place for everyone.

Then read this article about one mother’s efforts to help her children learn to love attending Church.

My son’s surprising prayer that changed how I see our weekly church fight

My 10-year-old pitches a different excuse every week to convince us it’s impossible for him to go to church. And while I want him to be there, the resistance is draining.
March 15 (Day 19)
“The knowledge of the truth does not make us better than other people, but it teaches us what we must do to return to God’s presence.” —Elder Denelson Silva

You can read all of Elder Silva’s conference talk here.

In his talk, Elder Silva spoke about how he was first introduced to the Book of Mormon and encouraged others to share the gospel. No matter your age group, he said there are opportunities to serve in the work of the Lord. Here are some resources to inspire you as you seek out ways to proclaim the truth.

Here’s where the Church needs senior missionaries right now

Think of this as a job board for senior missionaries, and a lot of the opportunities listed are of “critical” need.

Meet the ‘missionary with no legs’ serving in Southern California

Elder Kaleoaloha Niko’s presence in the California Arcadia Mission is an incredible inspiration to anyone who meets him.

Q&A: Why an award-winning author novelized the story of the first sister missionaries

After learning what the first sister missionaries left behind to serve, Gale Sears knew their story needed to be told.
March 16 (Day 20)
“Even with the increasing worldly influences around us, we need not fear. The Lord will never desert His covenant people.” —Elder Neil L. Andersen

You can read Elder Andersen’s full conference talk here.

In his address, Elder Andersen said that being a true disciple of Christ is “a sacred, ongoing process that grows and expands through the seasons of our lives, continuing until we kneel at His feet.” Here are some resources to inspire you in your ongoing process of discipleship.

8 blessings of the temple endowment people aren’t talking about enough

I hope these eight points help you see that while you reverently prepare to enter, you can also feel thrilled at this opportunity. Welcome to my pep rally for the temple.

13 sweet reminders to inspire your conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ

Conversion is a process we continue to experience each and every day as we center our lives on the gospel of Jesus Christ and make His teachings a part of who we are.
March 17 (Day 21)
“As we take up our crosses and follow Him, it would be tragic indeed if the weight of our challenges did not make us more empathetic for and more attentive to the burdens being carried by others.” —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

You can read all of Elder Holland’s conference talk here.

During Elder Holland’s talk, a picture of the Church’s symbol was highlighted. The symbol includes an image of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s Christus statue. You can learn more about the symbol and the Christus statue below.

Why it matters that the new Church symbol is not a logo

In April 2020 general conference, President Nelson announced a new symbol for the Church. The prophet’s explanation for the new symbol is in harmony with his call for correct usage of the name of the Church—it is a refocusing on Christ.

Video: Why the Christus statue is ‘one of the greatest sculptures of Christianity’

In a video on Y Magazine’s YouTube channel, John W. Welch discusses the significance of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s Christus statue in Copenhagen’s Church of Our Lady.

Marble Christus Statue

This awe-inspiring cultured marble Christus statue depicts Jesus Christ just as the scriptures describe Him, beckoning to us with open arms in a most pleasant manner, as if saying: “Come unto me.”
March 18 (Day 22)
“How often do we judge others based on their outward appearance and actions, or lack of action, when, if we fully understood, we would instead react with compassion and a desire to help instead of adding to their burdens with our judgment?” —Sister J. Anette Dennis

Find Sister Dennis’s entire general conference address here.

Sister Dennis is serving as First Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency. Learn more the new presidency and find other resources related to her talk below.


12 facts about the new Relief Society General Presidency

The new Primary General Presidency began their service on August 1, 2022. We are excited to learn from these inspiring women! Here are four facts about each member of the presidency.

Why the Savior’s example will always compel me to seek a more inclusive world

In small and simple ways, we can be instruments in the Lord’s hands by helping all people feel His love through our words and actions.

Did Jesus Christ use the 5 love languages in His ministry?

According to researchers, most people show and receive love in one of five ways—quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, and acts of service. But did Christ use any or all of these “love languages” with his disciples?
March 19 (Day 23)
“‘Happy and forever’ are not the imaginary stuff of fairy tales. True, enduring joy and eternity with those we love are the very essence of God’s plan of happiness. His lovingly prepared way can make our eternal journey happy and forever.” —Elder Gerrit W. Gong

You can read all of Elder Gong’s conference talk here.

In his general conference talk, Elder Gong spoke of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, repentance, forgiveness, temples, covenants, and more. Here are some resources to help you learn more about these subjects.

The crucial step we sometimes miss when talking about repentance

In order to repent, we need to believe that God will forgive us, and then take the actions needed for us to change.

Why repetition is a tool, not a barrier, in temple worship—and what you can learn from it

As we earnestly seek revelation through repetition and learning by the Spirit, we will find that we can draw closer to the Lord than ever before.

8 beautiful quotes about the Atonement of Jesus Christ from prophets and apostles

Apostles and prophets bear witness to Christ and His divine mission. Here are some favorite quotes from these Church leaders about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
March 20 (Day 24)
“Yes, God our Heavenly Father lives, and He manifests Himself to us all the time in multiple ways.” —Elder Joseph W. Sitati

You can read Elder Sitati’s full conference talk here.

In his talk, Elder Sitati shared patterns of discipleship. Those patterns included faith, humility, love, and service. Here are some resources to help you develop those patterns in your life.

Elder Holland: To my friends who want to believe

“The size of your faith or the degree of your knowledge is not the issue—it is the integrity you demonstrate toward the faith you do have and the truth you already know.”

How to transform your prayers from a monologue to a dialogue

Rather than a duty or something to “get done,” prayer can become a communing act of intimacy.
March 21 (Day 25)
“It is one thing to ‘hear Him’ in a quiet place of contemplation with scriptures wide open. But it is quite another thing to carry our discipleship into this mortal flurry of distractions, where we must strive to ‘hear Him’ even through the blur of self-concern and faltering confidence.” —President Steven J. Lund

You can read President Lund’s full conference talk here.

In his general conference talk, President Lund spoke on the topic of lasting discipleship. He encouraged listeners to continue praying often, read the scriptures, and to serve sincerely. He also testified that by “trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and His covenant path, we can find spiritual confidence and peace as we nurture holy habits and righteous routines that can sustain and fuel the fires of our faith.” Here are more resources about spiritual confidence

3 things a mother and seminary teacher has learned about instilling confidence in teenagers

“In a world where the adversary wants the youth distracted, discouraged, and discontent it is more crucial than ever for our youth to understand their divine identity and their purpose in Heavenly Father’s plan.”

Batchlor Johnson IV: How the path of discipleship brings me confidence and freedom

“My journey of trying to be the best disciple I can be has given me the confidence and the freedom to live at my best unapologetically.”
March 22 (Day 26)
“The intended meaning or message of a parable typically is not expressed explicitly. Rather, the story only conveys divine truth to a receiver in proportion to his or her faith in God, personal spiritual preparation, and willingness to learn.” —Elder David A. Bednar

You can read Elder Bednar’s full conference message here.

During his address, Elder Bednar said that “the Savior’s parables are stories used to compare spiritual truths with material things and mortal experiences.” He also shared the importance of the parable of the royal marriage feast. Here are other resources that discuss parables that you can add to your study of Elder Bednar’s talk.

What the parable of the sower can teach us about staying on the covenant path

“Parables show us how to better get on and then stay on the covenant path that leads to salvation and exaltation.”

Gerald N. Lund on loving like the Good Samaritan

We may think we know the parable of the good Samaritan, but what prompted the Savior to give it and how is He asking us to live it?
March 23 (Day 27)
“The reward for keeping covenants with God is heavenly power—power that strengthens us to withstand our trials, temptations, and heartaches better.” —President Russell M. Nelson

You can read all of President Nelson’s address here.

President Nelson shared three fundamental questions in his general conference talk:

  1. What does it mean to overcome the world?
  2. How do we do it?
  3. How does overcoming the world bless our lives?

The prophet shared that overcoming the world includes trusting in the doctrine of Christ, refraining from doing things that drive away the Spirit, giving away our sins, and loving God and Jesus Christ more than anyone or anything else.

Overcoming the world, the prophet continued, happens over a lifetime. But as we strive to live the higher laws of Christ, He “lifts us above the pull of this fallen world by blessing us with greater charity, humility, generosity, kindness, self-discipline, peace, and rest.” President Nelson added that overcoming the world will “makes everything about life easier.”

Here are more resources to help you in your efforts to overcome the world.

Have you paid attention to the Hebrew word President Nelson keeps teaching about?

Our change in heart and action will be what enables each of us to walk more firmly on the covenant path.

6 profound insights into the temple from President Russell M. Nelson

Teachings of the temple are beautifully simple and simply beautiful. They are understood by the humble, yet they can excite the intellect of the brightest minds.
March 24 (Day 28)
“The Savior knows your struggles in detail. He knows your great potential to grow in faith, hope, and charity.” —President Henry B. Eyring

You can read President Eyring’s full conference message here.

In his address, President Eyring spoke about the trials of life:

“As my mother told me when I complained of how hard something was, ‘Oh, Hal, of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be. Life is a test.’

“She could say that calmly, even with a smile, because she knew two things. Regardless of the struggle, what would matter most would be to arrive at home to be with her Heavenly Father. And she knew she could do it through faith in her Savior.”

Check out the resources below to explore more about enduring trials:

‘Our ultimate quest in life’: New video shares President Nelson’s advice on enduring personal trials

A new video released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shares a powerful reminder from President Russell M. Nelson about enduring life’s trials.

The struggle to find meaning and purpose during trials

Does God orchestrate our hardships in order to strengthen us spiritually? Or do all these bad things happen because we have fragile mortal bodies and mortality is just fraught with accidents?
March 25 (Day 29)
“It is our individual and collective love of the Savior, and our covenants with Him, that bind us together.” —Elder Ryan K. Olsen

You can read Elder Olsen’s full conference talk here.

Read the article below to explore the power of temple covenants:

Why our most-used definition of covenants misses the heart of what they truly mean

Suppose you were teaching a class of Israelite youth in biblical times and posed the question: “What is a covenant?” Would they have responded that a covenant is a two-way promise? Probably not.
March 26 (Day 30)
“‘Which of Jesus’s names should I take upon myself this week?’ Answering that question and striving to develop the related Christlike attributes has blessed my life.” —Elder Jonathan S. Schmitt

You can read Elder Schmitt’s full conference message here.

Explore Elder Schmitt’s question more by reading about Emily Belle Freeman’s similar experience:

‘Which name should you take?’ The inspired question that came to Emily Belle Freeman during the sacrament

I sit on my pew, heart heavy and storm raging. In the prayer over the bread I am reminded that I have covenanted to take His name, and my soul is caught up in the wondering about this.
March 27 (Day 31)
“Do you desire to disperse the clouds of confusion caused by an overabundance of information in order to focus more singularly on the covenant path? Please try the virtue of the word of God.” —Elder Mark D. Eddy

Read Elder Eddy’s entire general conference talk here.

Here are a few ideas for improving your scripture study and trying the virtue of the word of God:

  • Set a scripture study goal. If you need a little bit of extra encouragement, you could follow along with BofM365.

  • Watch the Seekers Wanted video below with Anthony Sweat about scripture study:
    0:00 / 0:00
    Video Companion
    Seekers Wanted E3: Getting Comfortable Studying and Interpreting Scriptures
March 28 (Day 32)
“Your testimony in Jesus Christ isn’t just what you say—it’s who you are.” —Elder Gary E. Stevenson

You can read all of Elder Stevenson’s conference talk here.

And check out the articles below by Patrick Mason and John Bytheway to explore more about the beauty of your testimony.

Why your testimony doesn’t (and shouldn’t) sound like everyone else’s

Testimonies of the gospel are as diverse as the people who hold them. Everyone experiences the conversion process differently, and everyone has different experiences that build their testimonies.

The perfect analogy for anyone who worries their testimony isn’t strong enough

Our testimonies start with the darkness of unbelief and grow brighter and brighter until it reaches the level of knowing something to be true.
March 29 (Day 33)
“While some challenges may come because of willful disobedience, we know that many of life’s challenges come because of other reasons. Whatever the source of our challenges, they can be a golden opportunity to grow.” —Elder Isaac K. Morrison

Read all of Elder Morrison’s conference message here.

The resources below can help you explore the reasons we face trials in life.

0:00 / 0:00
Video Companion
Using Your Trials To Help Others | Hope Works

Terryl Givens explores: How can God be real if atrocities like Auschwitz happen?

Is it true that “if there is an Auschwitz, then there cannot be a God”? Does the Restoration convincingly address the problem of evil?
March 30 (Day 34)
“Please make up your mind that regardless of whether your parents did or did not abuse you, you will not physically or verbally or emotionally abuse your spouse or children.” —Elder Quentin L. Cook

You can read and study all of Elder Cook’s conference talk here.

Read the articles below for powerful insights about dealing with abuse:

Ask a Latter-day Saint therapist: I’m struggling to keep boundaries with an abuser

My father was abusive to me as a child. He’s expressed remorse, but I don’t really want to be around him. He accuses me of holding a grudge. Am I in the wrong?

Latter-day Saint mom: What the Church’s child abuse training taught me about protecting children

The training allowed me to understand the topic of abuse with a gospel lens, and I was able to apply it when an incident occurred in Primary.
March 31 (Day 35)
“It is significant that the Savior chose to appear to the people at the temple. It is His house. It is filled with His power. Let us never lose sight of what the Lord is doing for us.” —President Russell M. Nelson

You can read President Nelson’s entire conference talk here.

And check out the resources below to help you not “lose sight” of the blessings of the temple.

8 blessings of the temple endowment people aren’t talking about enough

I hope these eight points help you see that while you reverently prepare to enter, you can also feel thrilled at this opportunity. Welcome to my pep rally for the temple.

When you feel uncomfortable or confused in the temple

The invitation for mortals to enter the presence of God and secure a fullness of His blessings did not originate with Joseph Smith. In fact, it’s a theme as old as mankind.

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The General Conference Addresses Journal Edition will have all the text of the April 2023 general conference addresses in one spiral-bound paperback. Extra-wide, lined margins give you space to record your impressions and to document the insights you receive. Create an enduring record to make the inspired teachings of general conference an ongoing part of your gospel learning.