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Elder Andersen’s advice for making real change and feeling the Lord’s love and approval

In a new video message fitting for a new year, Elder Neil L. Andersen shares how he hears direction and approval from the Lord as he makes small steps of progress.

Elder Andersen says that when a family member or friend approaches him with a suggestion to improve or change—even if its warranted—the natural man often rears his head and pride makes him think of all the ways this individual could improve instead. But when he kneels humbly in prayer before Heavenly Father, he instead feels calm and hears His counsel on how he can repent.

“Real change rarely happens in a day,” Elder Andersen remarks. “But with time, we become more and more than we were. As we hear Him [and] act on the spiritual direction we receive from Him, He showers His spirit and His approval upon us. There’s nothing better than that—feeling His love, feeling His spirit. The Holy Ghost confirms our Heavenly Father’s love for us. And I know in my case He assures me that even these small steps of progress are helping me come closer to Him.”

Read more about the video on Newsroom.

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