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Elder Bednar answers: What is a temple? What happens in the temple? Why do we build temples?

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The Washington D.C. Temple public open house begins today, and many Latter-day Saints are excited to see their newly remodeled house of God.

A public open house also means that many visitors not of our faith will be entering this holy house. In an article recently published on Medium, Elder David A. Bednar shared his testimony of the power and sacredness of temples. He also gave poignant answers to three important and common questions about Latter-day Saint temples. If you’ve ever been asked by someone who is not a member of the Church about the temple, here are some simple answers from Elder Bednar you can provide:

1. What Is a Temple?

A temple is a holy place and a sacred space. It is a point of intersection between our life on earth and eternity. The temple is the house of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

2. What Happens in the Temple?

In the temple we learn about the nature, attributes, and character of God. We learn about God’s plan of happiness, the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, and the purpose of life. We make sacred promises to love God and to serve one another.

3. Why Do We Build Temples?

We build temples as a testament to the immortality of the human soul. We build temples to make available remarkable blessings to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to the communities in which temples are constructed.

To read Elder Bednar’s insights on the primary function of the temple and the power of temples to change and bless us, read his full article on Medium.

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