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Elder Uchtdorf is one proud great-grandpa. Read his sweet message after a baby blessing

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Andrea Lake/Andrea Lake

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s most recent Facebook post is sure to melt your heart while also raising your vision.

Over the weeend, he and his wife, Harriet, attended the blessing of their sixth great-grandchild and the experience caused them to reflect on the “weightier matters” of life. Elder Uchtdorf shared that ever since he was a young man, he’s loved the quote attributed to the Stoic Seneca that reads, “No one can act wisely in the details of life, if the greater purpose of life is still unknown to him.”

Elder Uchtdorf writes that keeping God’s eternal plan in mind will helps us “not be distracted by the small and petty” and “will bring happiness and heavenly joy into our lives.” He also encouraged us to remember that God’s love for all of His children is perfect, regardless of where we live on the planet.

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“Harriet and I are grateful for each day that the Lord allows us to continue to travel along this scenic path through life which eventually leads, with God’s help, to a beautiful conclusion,” he wrote.

The beautiful photos and truthful message seemed to have resonated with Church members who saw it on Facebook. Jennifer Blythe wrote, “The joy radiating from this picture is almost overwhelming! I needed it today.” Elizabeth Powers commented on a photo of Sister Uchtdorf with the new baby and said, “Oh, your smile is made of love!” And Dorothy Call said, “You are the sweetest lady. Love radiates from you.”

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