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FHE Lessons on "Trek": Overcoming Fear and Trusting the Savior


This month's edition of weekly FHE lessons is based on the new family movie Trek, which follows a young Mormon teenager named Tom and his friends on their handcart journey. Each lesson includes a scene from the movie to watch and discuss. Your whole family will laugh along and be inspired by Trek: The Movie, available at Deseret Book stores and deseretbook.com.

Song: “How Firm a Foundation” (Hymns, 85) or “Lead, Kindly Light” (Hymns, 97)

Scriptures: “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears” (Psalm 34:4).

“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.
“And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed” (Deuteronomy 31:6, 8).

Lesson: Watch and discuss the following scene from Trek: The Movie

While traveling on the second day, Susan collapses when her blood sugar gets too low. Tom becomes afraid for her health and tries to convince the leaders to send her home. He even threatens to go home himself. Brother Pratt and Sister Hansen give Tom the option to leave, but Anna makes him rethink the situation by making the comment, “Or you can stay and pull your share of the weight.”

Questions to Discuss:

- How do we react in an emergency? Do we respond with fear, or with confidence?

- Are Tom’s fears valid?

- How can faith in Christ help us in an emergency?

- How can we use our agency in times of trail to either increase our faith or distance us from the Savior?

- Why do you think Tom decided to stay and “pull his share of the weight?”

- How did Tom’s suffering blind him to the feelings and needs of others?

- How can looking past our own trials and serving others help us overcome those trials?

If Tom had given up and gone home, he would not be helping Susan or anyone else. While his worry for Susan’s safety was valid and very real, focusing on his own fears and selfish needs did not help the situation. As we focus on others and respond to challenges with love and faith, the Lord will help us to get through our trials. The Atonement of Jesus Christ can help us overcome both our fears and our own selfish tendencies, giving us the strength to press forward.

Additional Resources:

“Perfect Love Casteth Out All Fear” by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf (April 2017)

“First, let us address the problem with fear. After all, who among us has never been compelled by fear to eat better, wear a seat belt, exercise more, save money, or even repent of sin?
“It is true that fear can have a powerful influence over our actions and behavior. But that influence tends to be temporary and shallow. Fear rarely has the power to change our hearts, and it will never transform us into people who love what is right and who want to obey Heavenly Father.
“People who are fearful may say and do the right things, but they do not feel the right things. They often feel helpless and resentful, even angry. Over time these feelings lead to mistrust, defiance, even rebellion.”

Continue reading the entire conference talk here.

“You Have Nothing to Fear from the Journey” by Elder M. Russell Ballard (April 1997)

“For the past several months, the attention of the Church has been focused on the extraordinary events surrounding the establishment of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints here in the Salt Lake Valley and elsewhere throughout the world. It is wonderful to note that the wards and stakes are using the yearlong pioneer sesquicentennial celebration as an opportunity to honor the Utah pioneers of 1847 as well as the remarkable efforts of our pioneers in every land who have blazed spiritual trails with faith in every one of their footsteps.
“The handcart built in Siberia and presently moving through the missions of Russia and Ukraine is a wonderful example of the worldwide effort to honor our pioneers. Plans are for the handcart to be pulled down Emigration Canyon on the final leg of its journey, arriving at This Is the Place State Park on July 22.
“This is a year for remembering our past and drawing strength to face and conquer the challenges of today from the exemplary faith and courage of those who faced and conquered the challenges of yesterday. As we honor these great pioneers from many lands, we shall share historical accounts that will often bring tears to our eyes and feelings of pure gratitude to our hearts. Through music, drama, and stirring reenactments, we will be reminded of incredible pioneer journeys, both temporal and spiritual.”

Continue reading the entire conference talk here.

“The Healing Power of Christ” by President Gordon B. Hinckley (April 1988)

“My brothers and sisters, let me tell you of a recent experience. We were in the city of Bacolod on the island of Negros Occidente, in the Republic of the Philippines. There, to my great surprise, I met a man I had not seen in years.
“The weather was steamy hot, as it always is in Bacolod, the center of the once thriving Filipino sugar industry. My friend was in a short-sleeved white shirt with dark trousers, his shoes shined. His beautiful wife, Marva, was beside him. I said, ‘Victor Jex, what are you doing here?’
“He smiled and replied, ‘We’re doing the Lord’s work. We’re helping the people. We’re missionaries.’”

Continue reading the entire conference talk here.

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Help your family celebrate pioneer heritage by watching Trek: The Movie on Blu-ray and DVD, available at Deseret Book stores and deseretbook.com.

The movie Trek follows a young Mormon teenager named Tom and his friends on their handcart journey. Along the way, they try to smuggle in unsanctioned food, battle sibling rivalry, encounter a "special ops" Young Men leader, match wits with a Twinkie-loving skunk, and ponder doctrinal brain teasers like, "Do general authorities go to PG-13 movies?" But, when they encounter unexpected trouble, their faith is tested much like that of their pioneer ancestors. Whether you've been on a trek or not, your family will laugh along and ultimately be inspired as you enjoy this delightful film.


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