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Former Model & RMs Launch Fashion Line for Sister Missionaries


MR says: Looking for fun, fashionable, and modest fall clothes? Whether you are a sister missionary or not, there's a great new resource that all LDS women will love.

Female missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints now have a new selection of fashionable modest clothing to choose from, thanks to three innovative women.

It's not always easy finding cute outfits that also meet the dressing standards for sister missionaries, especially for those living outside of Utah.

Stacie Proctor, a Utah woman with a background in modeling and pageantry, is addressing those issues with her new company, She Traveled.

"I think being a woman, and having been a younger woman recently, we have a real desire to present ourselves well … to be beautiful, to be well-groomed and everything," Proctor said. "And I think that I, from personal experience, found that it was really hard to find clothes that were both cute and modest, and so it felt like there was this choice that I was being faced with constantly, either wear something that I love and I think is darling and sacrifice my standards or keep my standards and feel somewhat restrained."

Lead image from KSL.
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