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Meaningful Christmas gifts for adults who are hard to shop for

Happiness radiates from the faces of family members as they gather around a table, exchanging gifts and relishing a special Christmas lunch.
Part of the fun of giving Christmas gifts is the surprise—it's fun to give someone a gift that they wouldn't have ever thought of for themselves.
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In my experience, getting a gift for a grandparent, an adult child, a parent, or an adult sibling can sometimes feel overwhelming. Unlike children, they often don’t have a wishlist and when you ask what they want, the response is usually just a shrug of their shoulders.

But don’t give up! Giving someone a gift that they wouldn’t have ever thought of for themselves can be very fun and satisfying. So if you’re like me, here are a few types of adults I have in my life and some out-of-the-box Christmas gift ideas they might love.

For the gospel scholar

If the gospel scholars in your life are anything like the ones I know, it seems like they never tire of reading biographies, insights, and counsel from our Church leaders.

Lucky for you, books like Prophets See around Corners by Sheri Dew, Heart of the Matter by President Nelson, Witness for His Names by President Holland, The Divine Gift of Forgiveness by Elder Andersen, and Compassion: The Great Healer’s Art by Elder Soares might not be on their radar yet! Or you could give them a book on a topic they’ve been studying like temple covenants or grace.

For the Sunday School teacher

Next year’s Come, Follow Me lessons will focus on the Book of Mormon once again, and there is an abundance of resources for anyone studying (or teaching!) the Book of Mormon.

There’s a great new book from scholar Robert Millet on the life-changing truths found in the Book of Mormon. There are books full of scriptural insights and commentary on the teachings and stories from the Book of Mormon. There is The Book of Mormon Made Easier series, perfect for condensing down historical information and context.

There are also journaling editions of the Book of Mormon in many designs, including blue, leather, and floral styles. There’s even a journal edition of the Church’s official Come, Follow Me study manual, complete with wide, lined margins perfect for note-taking.

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For the busy parent

For busy parents, finding time to revisit the words of general conference or engage in personal, weekly Come, Follow Me study can be a challenge. So why not give them a resource for making their study easier?

The new October 2023 general conference journal edition is perfect for quick and personalized study of the messages from conference, and the new Conference Connections flipbook means they can display and ponder the takeaways of conference at any time or while they’re on the go.

And the team from Don’t Miss This has done a masterful job of breaking down each weekly Come, Follow Me lesson into digestible and impactful quick devotionals with resources like their study guide, journal, scripture stickers, and posters. As a bonus, you could also pair any of these gifts with a voucher for a Sunday afternoon (or two) of free babysitting so they can really spend uninterrupted, meaningful time on their gospel study.

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For the entertainer

If you’re struggling to find a gift for the perpetual party host, you could give them a fun new Grandpa Beck party game like Gnoming Around or The Bears and the Bees. A trendy charcuterie board would also undoubtedly come in handy for their future gatherings, or you could find a beautifully scented candle to fill their home with good smells and good vibes.

Or consider giving them a new centerpiece they could display on a dining table or kitchen island like the Emmanual Wreath that is both stunning and spiritually meaningful.

For the home chef

Everyone needs to eat, and sometimes we can get stuck in a rut when it comes to meal planning. Whether it’s Dad trying to find quick, easy meals for the family or Grandma looking for tried-and-true classics to bake up with her grandkids, a new cookbook is always a welcome gift for a home cook or baker. You could give them a book of bakery classics from Kneaders, a cookbook from their favorite food blogger, a book full of easy Instant Pot recipes, or one centered on cooking for special celebrations or large groups.

Or if you know that they enjoy baking but just can’t seem to find the time to do it, you could always give them a head start: a baker’s bundle with a Lion House raspberry muffin mix and a can of gourmet hot cocoa.

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For the interior decorator

Friends and family members who are stylish and decor-minded will always appreciate something new for their home. If they’re still decorating for the holidays, you could give them a light-up nativity lantern, a beautiful paper diorama, or the Names of Christ wooden star garland to add a sweet touch of the Spirit to their holiday decor.

Or grab an unfathomably cozy blanket for them to toss and style on any armchair or sofa. You could give them a gorgeous photograph of the temple they were endowed in to display on their wall or find a beautiful art piece that fits the style of their home. Or if they need a new decor piece for a bookshelf or end table, consider giving them a series of Christ-centered art prints or a beautiful new marble Christus statue.

For the person who has everything

If your gift-ee seems to have everything they need or if their wishlist is extremely sparse (or better yet—non-existent), you could always give them a gift card to spend on something that tickles their fancy in the future.

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We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and hope your holidays are filled with joy, family, and the spirit of Jesus Christ.

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