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Here’s how to download a free general conference activity packet for your family


General conference weekend can feel like a spiritual Super Bowl for many Latter-day Saints. But it can also feel challenging to keep your attention on the important messages shared by Church leaders, especially for the youngest viewers. So with that in mind, Deseret Book has provided a resource to hopefully take some of the stress out of preparing for conference weekend with a free general conference activity packet for the whole family.

The packet includes temple trivia, puzzles, coloring pages, paper crafts, and general conference bingo cards. Adults will also appreciate the questions to encourage family discussions, inspiring articles about the messages of conference, and additional pages for note-taking.

You can download the entire packet in a printer-friendly black and white version or choose to download just the conference Bingo card here on

You can also get one glossy, pre-printed conference activity packet free with purchase at any Deseret Book store and purchase additional packets for 99¢. Find a store location near you here.

Pre-order the April 2023 General Conference Addresses, Journal Edition

Begins shipping in May 2023

The General Conference Addresses Journal Edition will have all the text of the April 2023 general conference addresses in one spiral-bound paperback. Extra-wide, lined margins give you space to record your impressions and to document the insights you receive. Create an enduring record to make the inspired teachings of general conference an ongoing part of your gospel learning.

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